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Contest: Can spouses influence each other’s political preference?

Calcutta Liberals


Bonobology, in association with Calcutta Liberals , presents the next contest.

In about 50 words, tell us, ‘Can spouses influence each other’s political preference‘?

Submit your entry as a comment below and stand a chance to win cash of Rs.500 via Paytm

The last date for the contest is 13-Feb-2018.

Winners will be announced on 15-Feb-2018.

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  1. Yes and No. Yes, in case if one of the partners has very strong views and plays the dominant role in all political debates/discourse, the other partner may decide to listen with an open mind and follow the line, possibly get convinced in the process too. An absolute No, if both the partners have strong political views because such debates can surely impact personal equations.The only way to maintain peace at home in the latter case will be to stay away from all political discussions at all times.

  2. I think.. YES, they can influence each other. As a couple they are living together… They are sharing their views along with other materialistic things so its bit natural. At times we tend to see things according to other person’s point of view also as we are connected to them. And when we discuss topics openly we tend to follow the same path… But yes not always. I can say this as me and my husband often indulge in healthy discussions and quite often we influence each other 😊

    1. Yes spouse can influence their partner because when they share their views they often want to impose their thought to their conjugal partner .So they can if they wish ,fair or unfair that is an another cup of tea .

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