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Contest: Can spouses influence each other’s political preference?

Calcutta Liberals


Bonobology, in association with Calcutta Liberals , presents the next contest.

In about 50 words, tell us, ‘Can spouses influence each other’s political preference‘?

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The last date for the contest is 13-Feb-2018.

Winners will be announced on 15-Feb-2018.

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  1. Personality trait of partners decide if ‘default’ political preference of an individual could be influenced by the other. There can be persuasive negotiators and willing conformists as well as quiet yet stubborn individuals who might appear to listen but do his/her own thing. In general, if a spouse has an inferiority complex vis a vis the other in matters of intellect, he/she would have a greater chance of being influenced, and vice versa.

  2. What I think, spouse means better half, partner, but it doesn’t really mean that they have so many similarities like thoughts, upbringings, or anything. But they can influence each other. Also nowadays, both husband and wife are working and also managing their personal lives. They are independent. But somehow it actually depends on their mentality. There can be some differences. So can’t say yes or no properly.

  3. Influencing can manifest itself in two ways a. Through arguments or 2.What the psychoanalyst Erich Fromm has cited as a sadistic or masochistic tendency to hurt or dominate over others or submit to domination. In the latter instance either partner willingly submits to the opinions of the other in various matters. In such cases the oaryner is able to influence the other.

  4. Yes Of course,
    Two individuals when in love, be it an open relationship or Marriage share each and everything in detail and Politics is now a days a very Hot Topic. A person with relatively more knowledge and understanding will definitely influence the better half on this.
    I would say that, Me and my husband often have a healthy conflict on political party agendas, we seem to be totally opposite but secretly, I do get influenced, although I don’t admit it.
    At last I would say that, we should always keep our relationship on top priority, as that really matters the most.

  5. There is also a political drama in between spouses, just like supporting any decision, influencing for any kind of event.
    So , they must influence each other for there political preferences, and make an understanding . If they cant do so, there is a chance of separation in all aspect of thinking.
    If they cant make a decision together about there ideology, they will not able to make decisions about there social life.
    In the present day, everybody is involved in social media, so there is high risk for a person to be influenced by other if his/ her spouse cant influence her/him. Chance s of adultery can increase by the way..

  6. Lets us start with the very idea of a relationship between a spouses. There is always a give and take as well as a compromise. So when it comes to political ideology it usually seen that there is a great amount of influence if the spouse is in active politics. Seldom have there been a case where the two are from different political ideologies. Next comes the domination factor. If either is very dominant then usually the weaker one tends to follow the dominants ideology without analysing the ideology. And finally in the context of Indian politics no party has an ideology. It is leader led and cowdung fed. So, the chances are the politics at home will follow the same rule.

  7. In a marriage, individual opinions often tend to become fluid as the spouses adapt, adjust and accept. One might often find himself/herself believing that the other’s view on a particular political party is correct. A healthy discussion around this can be fun and engaging and finally whether one influences or sticks to one’s stand, it just adds another layer to married life’s shenanigans!

  8. Hopefully I think I hv influenced to certain extent but need to see what she does while voting comes… Though my parents n brothers in law are strong supporters of BJP, I started hating them after all the fiasco tat they created after winning 2014 elections n it became quite intense after 8th Nov 2016 n then no turning back….😈

  9. I believe in a way, spouse do effect your political views. That is because continues conversations, family connection or constantly expressing viewpoints for healthy discussion results into change in their views. Sometimes it also may be just to please the significant other.

  10. It all depends who can influence the other more and dominate with his/her preference.
    Certain regional political affiliations run strong in families. If the affiliation is towards a National Party, then chances are less as because there are only 2 National Parties in the true sense.
    With the millennia generation, obviously couples won’t be able to influence each other much as they believe in to each one his own.

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