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Contest: Can spouses influence each other’s political preference?

Calcutta Liberals


Bonobology, in association with Calcutta Liberals , presents the next contest.

In about 50 words, tell us, ‘Can spouses influence each other’s political preference‘?

Submit your entry as a comment below and stand a chance to win cash of Rs.500 via Paytm

The last date for the contest is 13-Feb-2018.

Winners will be announced on 15-Feb-2018.

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  1. If both the partners are least politically inclined, or both of them have strong political affiliations, then I think the question does not arrise. In the first case, politics will not be part of their discussion; and in the second, it is very unlikely that one would be influenced by the other because politics is generally followed with the same vigour as romance, and people generally do not compromise. The question arrises if one of the partner is political and the other is apolitical: in that case, the former one might have the inclination to get spouse toe his line.

  2. Oh Yess. They seriously do. We have examples, in fact have seen political ideologies dominate similar way among couples even before they being spouses sometimes. It strengthens the bonding between two, but sometimes opposite ideologies do influence negatively in conjugal relationships.

  3. As they say ” Love is blind ” thus either of the spouse can definately influence any views including political preferences I think.When both are matured and have different choices then the smarter one will create the influence on the other. To keep the relationship balance both will agree to each other’s view.

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