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I carry you in my heart

Hand reaching out to the ocean

I carry your heart…I carry it in my heart

I, a teary-eyed recuperating patient, in the intensive care unit, thought to myself.

In a split second, I was back to the time and place where it had all started.

I am Dino. Deepak and I, were childhood friends. We grew up with the same tastes, same likes and dislikes and as we became older, we developed intense feelings for each other. Of course, we understood, we couldn’t let the world sneak in on our secret. It wouldn’t understand with its draconian divisions and that dreadful Article 377 was surely a dampener.

So, we masqueraded our deep affection as ‘close-friendship’ lest the hyper vigilante society separated us or chose to punish us.

But this couldn’t go long. The pressures from our respective families were mounting, for us to get married to suitable girls. Obviously, that was not even an option to be considered. We couldn’t ruin two lives, totally unconnected with our situation. We then decided that the first world with its more liberal outlook might be safe for us to disappear, to breathe free, to be alive, to just be.

The families definitely had no clue about our impending escape. Otherwise, all hell would have been let loose on us.

We managed to get overseas jobs, even acquired the requisite permits. It was time to celebrate. We hit the trendiest pub in town and partied till dawn and finally headed home. We were joking, laughing and simply living till the killer rogue truck played the spoilsport.

It is a perfect match. Both are of same age, build and height. Dino has a chance to live if Deepak’s heart is implanted immediately.” The good doctor had advised.

Beta, I see my son in you.” cried Deepak’s mother, clutching me, while my mother wept.

‘I carry your heart…I carry it in my heart

Stay now with me, abide by me, because in another lifetime, you couldn’t. And in death, we are finally together, away from this society’s judgements and rancor. Rest in peace, my love. For, I will protect you, with my life” I thought, clutching my heart.

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