Dear Dad

Dear Dad

I want you to stay this time…

I want you to stay and see that I am not that small as I was when you left….

That I am not that weak as I was…< Stay this time to watch me graduate or to read my stories... Stay this one time to see that I have learnt to travel alone and stand alone... To see that I am not as naive as I used to be... To see that yes I still do silly mistakes like I used to. But I learn from them, too... That I am not scared of darkness anymore... That I don't seek your comfort when i get scared... That I don't run in the other direction when I see a dog... That I have taken a cat as a pet... Stay this time to see that I have achieved my goals... That I didn't gave up when I failed in my subjects... That I remember everything you taught me... Stay just to watch me walk down the aisle... Just to live that one dream of yours which you would tell me a million times before going to bed like a lullaby... Just to see me make a mess of my first job... Just to see me cry about my boss like you used to... Just to laugh heartly and notice your laugh in me... Just to see that even though I am all grown up but I still want to be your little girl... Just for this once....

Stay now, because in another lifetime you couldn’t….!


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