Contest: When I fell in love with myself – Valentine’s Day Celebration

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Bonobology asked me, “What is your idea of a perfect Valentine’s day?” If this question was asked to me a few years back, I would have replied the usual rosy romantic idea from any Bollywood movie – a nice setting with flowers, candlelight dinner, great food, some overwhelming gifts, and lots of love filled evening.

However, this year, it is going to be special because this year, I learned to love myself as I am. I accepted my flaws and qualities and learned to appreciate both of them. I befriended those parts of myself that used to scare me. I came with an inner peace at the realization that no one is perfect and it is high time for me, to stop judging myself with unrealistic expectations. I threw away those masks that no longer served its purposes. I made relations that are enriching and said goodbye to those, which used to bring me down. I explored those areas of my life that were painful and took a decision to heal them. It is still in process but I know I will reach a place soon where I will be at either okay with having them or would have healed them. This year, I also learned to accept people as they are, with their flaws and qualities.

Isn’t it worth celebrating?

Trust me friends, the day, you actually start loving yourselves, is the day when your life will entirely change. So, this year, I will celebrate myself. I will take myself to a fine dine place and treat myself to great food because I am a hard-core foodie. I am also planning to buy myself some gifts. Being a Tarot reader, I may also indulge in some love reading for young couples and help them. That is how my Valentine’s Day going to be like.

What about you?

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