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Friends Forever


Hey remember, my friend, the first time time we met?  It was during the interaction as freshers we were having when we had joined our Masters course.  We both were somewhat of a similar nature, not too outgoing, not too extroverted.  We gelled so well with each other.

Remember in the final year, we were so happy that we were made the lab partners.  We would do less of experiments and laugh more.  Our strict guide would scold us and we would come back from her room and start giggling again.

I remember how every weekend you would run back to your home.  You stayed in a different city and missed your parents, brother and dog so much.  You would always ask me to accompany you to your city, but for some reason or the other I couldn’t go with you.

I didn’t have many friends and would miss your company the days you remained absent.  I would sulk alone when our guide would reprimand me for no reason.

I remember how desperately you wanted to get married and how you were heartbroken when a boy you had liked had rejected you.  You always said that you were sure that I would be the first one to get married among all the friends.

I won’t forget that April afternoon when you had come to my house and told my mother that the next time you go to your city you would drag me along as I had never been to her home.  You went to your city for four days as we had study leave before our final exams commenced.

That fateful day, I remember, when one of our classmates called me up and in a nervous voice asked me to confirm a news in the local newspaper where there was a small news of you and your family having met with an accident.  I was numb.  I immediately called up your aunt’s number, where you used to stay for your studies, and she confirmed that you, your parents, your dog, and a neighbor were killed in a fatal car crash the day before while returning from a temple visit.

I was devastated.  I remember how I broke down in the college during your prayer meet.  I couldn’t dare to go to the lab one last time where there were so many memories of me with you.  I went to the prayer meet at your aunt’s place and looking at your garlanded photo couldn’t believe that that smiling face of yours is just to be seen in a photo now.

I wish I could tell you the last time we met; stay my friend because in another lifetime you couldn’t see me coming to your home and meeting your parents and having fun; you couldn’t see me getting married before you. Stay my friend because in another lifetime you couldn’t see me getting connected to you via Facebook and we couldn’t comment on each other’s status or photos.  Stay my friend because we still had a lot of conversations left..

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