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How to rock your marriage for a lifetime

passion in marriage

If romance makes the world go round, marriage spins it! Before you know, you are grappling with the many responsibilities of married life and forget all about the person you married in the first place. But remember: if you don’t rock your married life, it hits the rock bottom pretty soon. Here are my golden rules for a happy marriage.

1. Keep it less crowded: A happy marriage is between two people. Don’t involve your respective families or friends in decisions that you should take as a couple, especially important ones like having a kid!

2. Be a team: Be it bringing money or food to the table, managing finances or family, work as a team and have equal power balance in marriage.

3. Have sex regularly. Keep the spark alive beyond the initial months of marriage. Rediscover, reinvent and experiment.

4. Never put down your spouse, even in a joke. Never fight against your spouse in front of a third person. Always be on the same side.

5. Keep surprising your spouse. Indulge them when they least expect.

6. Always pay attention when your spouse talks to you. Shut that TV off!

7. Travel together, often!

8. Have a life outside your marriage. Have a hobby or have a social life that does not include your spouse.

9. Tell your spouse if something upsets you. Don’t pile up on negative emotions.

10. Don’t ignore your spouse’s family or friends. Be polite to them.

11. Give company to your spouse even when you are not too fond of joining that party, function or match or watching that TV series.

12. Don’t forget to do all of the above even when you both become parents. You are still married!

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