Contest – What is your idea of perfect Valentine’s day

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Recreating the first date by taking a stroll down memory lane would be the perfect idea to celebrate Valentine’s day! With overwhelming load of deadlines at work and family obligations, it is difficult to take special time for relationship. Instead of expecting roses,chocolates and gifts, give your relationship the priority this Valentine’s day by sharing healthy, matured and happy conversations. It is said that communication is the gasoline in the love’s engine.

While strolling down the memory lane, mark the times when you went wrong, areas of improvements, moments of appreciations. Whether romantically or platonically, connecting with another human being is undoubtedly one of the best experiences that life has to offer. The quality of life is definitely dependent on the kind of person we bring into our life. I suggest conversing on following topics for healthy conversations:-


Trust is foundation of every healthy relationship. When you are juggling between virtual and real world, having trust in your partner means having confidence and feeling safe emotionally and physically. Are you in-line?


Without mutual respect a relationship is doomed for failure. Apart from giving respect to each other, self-respect is key to building confidence and maintaining healthy relationships.

I, Me, Myself

‘I’, though is the most selfish alphabet but should used frequently to remind yourself that before you were ‘we’, you were ‘you’. Verify if you have lost yourself being ‘you’ in your relationship.


It is said love and freedom are perfect partners. Giving each other space with unequivocal commitment is must in the relationship


Is sex overrated in relationship? Absolutely NO. When in love, it can connect two of you unlike any other. Ignite the fire, if lost!!

Relationship rituals

Setting aside special time for your relationship is important. Communicating with each other over a coffee in the morning or doing some household tasks together can improve closeness with one another.

Just being in love is not sufficient. Want and need of being together needs to be preserved. Everyone in relationship must evolve a sense of right and wrong.You need not move out of your house to plan a perfect Valentine date. Gazing at the stars in comfort of each other in the balcony, will not only relax your weary mind but invoke the muse. Set out the goals, priorities and commitments till you plan similar date next Valentine day!!


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