Marriage is as easy as watching cartoons.


Marriage advice should be given by someone who is already married , which i am not by the way. So why would you read on? What if i tell you , i have an interesting theory to make you understand what are the golden rules of marriage. Because ” Bachpan se hi na mujhe shaadi karne ka bada shaunk hai by god”( 😛 Dialogue credits : Jab we met ).

Marriage is a journey shared with someone for your entire life. There is no destination , just your partner and an ongoing journey and of course there are other passengers making your journey easy or tough ,sometimes there are speed breakers and sometimes a smooth road with beautiful valleys nearby. Let me try to give you some ways to make this journey more interesting :

1) Its not wrong to be like Tom and Jerry , by which i mean its OK to fight. It doesn’t make you a bad couple because tell me , if the show was just about Tom or just about Jerry would it be so much Fun?

2) In this busy life , whatever you do and even if you are married for 20 years ; its important to find your “mickey-Minnie ” time . Romancing and being all love struck never goes out of fashion.

3)Be like Olive and Popeye at times , being jealous is a normal relationship trait and a mark of love . It doesn’t mean you have trust issues.

4) Every batman needs a robin in their life . Your life would be amazing if you find that partner , support and companion in your husband/wife .

Basically , life is never a fairy tale , but its up to you how fun , comical and easygoing you make your married life. These golden rules or comparison might not make sense to some people but if you just think about it that way , it would add some charm to your life. So , next time if your hubby gets jealous of some other guy , just make Spinach for your Popeye with a dash of love 🙂

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