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Each marriage is as unique as fingerprints


Sailing through the holy dip called “Wedlock”

I was too elated to announce my status to a lustful pair of eyes in an artificially cooled mall of Delhi…. the reasons are such…“we” have sailed through this companionship together. Sometimes being foes and mostly friends. So, if you are reading this and assume that there are some secret formulae to decode the “wedlock” then let me remind you that every marriage is kind of fingerprints…they don’t match up with any one! Read on for my verdict and wisdom

Celebrate – It’s as simple as it can be…just celebrate every small event in each other’s lives. Be it the promotion, a salary hike, an appreciation from the client, in law’s coming in or going out ;), kid’s good grades, not missing out monthly periods (it’s important when you haven’t planned). Don’t wait for real mundane reasons like birthdays, anniversaries or festivals. Being healthy and alive with each other is a sign to celebrate!

Embrace– Physical touch along with being compassionate is just perfect! So cuddle up, hold hands, hug and get intimate too.

Stay tuned – if you are competent enough to help each other in professional work then it can’t get any better. Get on to those laborious excel sheets, graphs, presentations, appraisal forms, reviews etc together and notice that how much you respect each other’s views and listen intently. If you aren’t in the same boat then stay tuned through “WhatsApp” love messages.

Do atleast one activity in a day together– read, play, exercise, walk or drive. You will be surprised that just being together by each other’s side itself is a pleasure! It’s like speaking thousand words in silence.

Let this be joyous and worthwhile till the eternities…We’re two sides of the same coin…Isn’t ”She” is spelt with “He” in it?

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  1. Only one word Sublime, you always strike the right note , and cream of the crop is the line She is spelt with he in it ??

  2. Hi dear, its true you gave big message in limited words, being together always increase love,being apart for few days also multiplies love……Sometimes expressing feelings is important and sometimes without expressing anything speaks a lot…

  3. I agree. Important to give each other time together as well as some time apart. And cherish everything in your partner’s life. You are the one who knows the most and is affected most by what happens to them

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