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Marriage is knowing it all

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The first golden rule among the many of my marriage is to keep my smartphone pass word protected and then keep changing my password often. So that no one can guess it. And I always know my husband’s password. I Just tell him i love him so much that’s why I need him to share everything with me. I never covet my friend’s designer labels or her diamond solitaires whose twinkle sears my already green heart. But I never forget to mention it to my husband while having dinner /lunch/sex. It’s always good to revise with him what has totally overpowered my soul. I know I sound materialistic and shallow but that I am.

Any woman whom my husband has a soft corner I dig all info about her and if there is no smut about her I just use my imagination and embroider my information with scandalous affairs money laundering and cut her dead and never inviter her home.

Any man who has a soft corner for me I see to it that the soft corner turns into a room, and enjoy his attention but I don’t wear his attention on my sleeve I just hide it in my bra where our mothers would hide their money. I hate cooking and I have a cook but I always tell hubby I cooked the food. Haldi stained hands and hand smelling of onions and garlic are a strict no no.

I hate his family but always pretend that I love them dearly though I would gladly cut all ties with them /murder them. I am a submissive bahu. After his parent leave hubby is more generous with money and a lion in bed. He can’t believe his luck and I can’t believe mine.

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