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Being married for almost 4 years and dating the same person the previous 2, our relationship has always been a roller coaster ride.

From being friends to couple, the sun shines differently..The world changes variably!!

Ideally marriage is the biggest leap one takes in his life, it comes with its own set of pros and cons. If dating seems to be a bed of roses marriage adds the thorns to the same bed. If coveting to live with each other is dreamy then living with each other is equally nightmarish, it’s the harsh reality and the key to let your marriage thrive is acceptance, communication & love❤

Accepting each other the way they are is the key to make a marriage work. No two fingers are alike & when it comes to partners they definitely can’t be alike and that is what attracts you the most in each other, that is what keeps the spark of your relation kindled. There may be a hundred similarities but what keeps the relationship balanced is the differences. At times we happen to fight a battle between our hearts and mind and that’s when we loose it, we stop accepting and start reasoning, which in turn might be rationale but definitely not healthy for a marriage. We build egos and stereotype ourselves with the way things sound right but excuse me this is not a board room or a court and we need not judge the actions or temperament of our partners. We should simply accept it, I am not talking about the extreme cases of being abused or abusing a relation, however in that case professional help should be sought.

Yes, if the behaviour of the partner is subtly unreasonable it can always be moulded passively with subtle efforts and healthy communication directed towards the positivism the change would bring in.

Constant naggings & throwing tantrums only lead to differences & distances, so you better avoid it.

Though Love sounds to be a vague term, it is another essential on which a marriage thrives.I reckon Love is such a strong force that keeps 2 souls intact together despite facing all odds and differences.

With love comes all the virtues & requisites of staying in a relationship.

Love is true when it is unconditional & with unconditional love comes the power to stay in relation, to fight all odds, to meet differences.

Thus, striking a mix of all the key factors will definitely propel your relationship towards a happily ever after.

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  1. I agree. Acceptance, communication and love are critical components of a happy married life. Along with a dash of reality, that not everything is going to be a fairytale

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