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Once in a lifetime

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Stay now, because in another lifetime you couldn’t..

Once in a lifetime, you meet someone whom you feel your soul connected to. But not necessarily, the life gives u chance to hold the person for the lifetime. May be you both loved each other to the spirit that your soul merges to each other, still there could be many reasons which shatter your dreams.

I came to you with all my heart and felt the same. Irresistible attraction, uncontrollable emotions, beautiful compatability and much more. Never before had I imagined that here on earth such a bliss could happen. But unfortunately it was for short time. What I could say was please stay on coz we never know ever we could get a chance to hold each other. Stay on coz I would die rather if I would need to live without you.

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  1. Sometimes the beauty is in the fleeting. Perhaps in another lifetime you did, and realised that shorter moments are just as treasured

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