Contest: One thing I never want to change in my partner

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Hey Bloggers, we all love our partners! But what are the things you like about them which you never wish to change. 
Our this week’s topic is –  One thing I never want to change in my partner!
Could be anything – from the way he looks at you at every morning to making dinner at night! Share your story and let the world know how cool your partner is.
What’s more, you can also win  an Amazon voucher worth Rs. 1000. 
Last entry for blog submission is 27th AugSunday8 pm
Winner  to be declared first on WhatsApp on 28th Aug
To submit your entry, use the buttons below
(Please don’t submit the entry in comments section.)
Happy Writing! 

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Readers Comments On “Contest: One thing I never want to change in my partner”

  1. Hi I’ve submitted a piece for this contest. Hope you have received it. I did a submit for review then it disappeared. it doesn’t show in my activity/ dashboard. Please let me know if I need to re-submit! Thanks, here’s hoping I can keep contributing 🙂

  2. Rachana Chakraborty

    Hi Meenu,
    Just submitted an article for the contest but last time I submitted for the contest my article got posted long day after the last day of submission. I don’t know why…I hope this time it gets posted day on the last day at least.
    Prof Mrs Rachana Chakraborty

  3. Real love never limits you… it doesn’t restrict you… it doesn’t try to change you…it doesn’t entitle you, or anyone, to anything.
    Real love is un-limited.
    Real love is freedom.
    In fact, it is only by letting each other be free, that two people can be completely each other’s.  When we are not forced, or tied, or pressured in a relationship, we can more easily see and remember the most perfect parts…

    You might spend time with the person you love and catch yourself thinking, he is perfect for me!”

    Being Married for six years now we truly accept each other as we are,We understood that problems are an inevitable part of any long-term relationship and we may not want these problems, but we’re able to cope with them, to avoid situations that irritate us, and to develop strategies that help us grow through them.

    The one thing i never wish to change in my husband is his acceptance towards the way i am, he just let me be myself and that he never tried to change me.

    “One of the things that I think really makes a strong marriage is the fact that we could change within our lifetime, and that we changed because we wanted to change. Not because the other person wanted us to change or made us change. I think it’s important because people change and grow because they make the decision themselves.”

    We may have hundred’s of differences but we even have that mutual understanding and acceptance to each other thoughts and vision which helps us resolves those differences.

  4. Chandrima Mishra

    Hey, I am facing a problem,
    After writing my post, shall go for ‘submit for review’ option or ‘save’ option ?
    Please do help me out,

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