Contest: One thing that made your 2017 better


Married Superwomen contest


Bonobology, in association with Married Superwomen, presents the next contest.

In about 50 words, tell us, ‘What is the one thing that made 2017 better because of your partner?’

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The last date for the contest is 10-Jan-2018.

Winners will be announced on 15-Jan-2018.

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Readers Comments On “Contest: One thing that made your 2017 better”


    You Make me Blush like Histamine.
    You Race my Heart like Adrenaline.
    You Render me Awe-struck like Atropine..
    You Leave me Hyperventilating like Overdosed Aspirin..
    You Drive me Crazy like Amphetamine..
    After causing all these troubles..
    At the End of the Day, you soothe me like Benzodiazepine

    My reality has been better than my dreams. Dear, you will hold my heart forever. Our love will remain until the stars go out. Ever since the day you came into my life, I knew you would be here until the end of time, I could never say how much I love you and how special you are to me

  2. Being in love from 2009 and then in a long distance relationship from 2010 to 2015, we got married in 2015. Fate and jobs put us both in opposite sides of the world (hubby in Singapore and I in the US). In the end of 2016, he took a firm decision, resigned his job and decided to support my career here instead. It was only in 2017 we got together and started to live like how couples live. I owe him a lot. 2017, you will always be remembered.

  3. My hubby made 2017 better for me coz I recently delivered a baby boy but my hubby did not let me get exhausted n worn out by taking care of me n my baby just as if my mother wud have done so.I felt so grateful n blessed having him by my side.

  4. I made a mistake that is equal to disloyalty in a committed relationship. when confessed my partner just had to say he forgave me and he can accept me. This undoubtedly made my year better!

  5. As much as I hated listening to my husband´s non-politically correct advice, I realize now how it has shaped me and my 2017 for the better. Like my well-meaning mother, my husband has always held the mirror to my soul when I needed it the most.

  6. Aarti Chokkalingam

    2017 was a year of exploration and adventures. New job, New place, New experiences! My husband and I had moved to a new place, away from friends and family. We had to make some decisions and figure out stuff on our own. To top it all, people were constantly asking me when i was going to have kids. It was a little too much for me and patience is not my best suite but fortunately it is my husband’s. We sat and navigated through it all. Some of the decisions I had to make on my own, but he stood by me while I learnt from my mistakes. In the end I would like to believe I became a little more independent in 2017.

    As to support my husband provided, he always came to my rescue when someone pointed a finger at me and calmed me down when I became emotional. I am someone who would react to circumstances instantly, become emotional and let it affect everything I do. My husband was always the victim of my fury but he has never done that to me. I promised myself I would be little more thoughtful and not unleash my anger the very instant. The year 2017 thought me a lot but the most important thing is to look at life with a little more focus. I know living in the moment is cool but sometimes we have to focus on the bigger picture to be an adult.

  7. Last year came to know about hubby affair and betrayal . I got mad knowing that attempted suicide and even decided to divorce him. For my child I sacrificed and divert and my mind by doing best out of waste crafts. Now all have changed my hubby loves me alot.

  8. We have been married for sixteen years❤I will not say that ours is a fairy tale love story.. We met, we loved, we fight but we always try to make it up. A day in our lives has everything- Laughter, Tears, Anger, Love ,Compassion..Every year spent with him has some memorable moments and many ups and downs. But through all these ups and downs our love still manages to grow with each passing day. So not only 2017 but each year spent with him has made us both strong. Through all ups and downs our love still manages to grow.

  9. Kamal Preet Kaur

    My dearest husband supported my wish to live with my elderly, depressed mother in India and take on dream job that I wanted, while in London he took on 24/7 mothering of our minor boys, juggling with his work. He’s living through “patriachial” peer pressure to let me spread my wings.

  10. The worst thing a person has to deal and get over with is self-doubt. My husband not only encouraged me to take up the opportunity of editing my first book this year, but also stayed back at home with kids when I had to step out for work.
    I feel truly blessed to have him in my life!

  11. Feliciana Rodrigues

    Communication : Especially between us, I am a very closed person when it comes to my feelings, I will rather bottle up than share it with others. So if something was worrying, stressing or was on my mind I would be preoccupied by it, talk less and always be in a bad mood. My thinking was why worry others with my problems esp my spouse who has returned from a tired day at work. My husband ask me to make a resolution at start of 2017 to speak my mind and he promised to be a good listener. Now we have an open, honest relationship not only that when things are put across the problems seems smaller and solutions can be found. 2017 was a better year with lots of communication and closer bonding.

  12. Feliciana Rodrigues

    Communication : Especially between us, I am a very closed person when it comes to my feelings, I will rather bottle up than share it with others. So if something was worrying, stressing or was on my mind I would be preoccupied by it, talk less and always be in a bad mood. My thinking was why worry others with my problems esp my spouse who has returned from a tired day at work. My husband ask me to make a resolution at start of 2017 to speak my mind and he promised to be a good listener. Now we have an open, honest relationship not only that when things are put across the problems seems smaller and solutions can be found. 2017 was superb with better talks n closer bonds.

  13. Well, if I talk about the previous year i.e. 2017, it has been truly a great year. An year full of happiness, transformations, meeting new people, making new friends, completing my graduation and yeah pursuing my post graduation currently. Wondering? It sounds irrelevant right? Because this isn’t what’s the contest is all about.
    Well, it’s related to much extend. The new college, admission, friends and yes I found someone. Umm..can be called as attraction. But whatever, I just believe living in the present moment. So it went like..we met, we talked and became good friends and there was this trip to Mussoorie which was more than just exploring the place and travelling. It was a great opportunity to get linked up, glue up with one another, share interests and more..and make a good company. All because we all were new to each other though shared the same classroom. And yeah we got to know and learn alot through that trip. It was splendid. The way everyone was so kind, good, positive, pampering and loving, playing games, taking care of each other, sharing happiness and food and trying different things together, walking along the road side, and more. It felt like I found my new family. And yes..CHEERS!! We all are together and enjoying life to the fullest. It feels great to have a good couple of friends whom one can count on after all and feel complete.

  14. The happiest moment of 2017 is that we celebrated the 5th year of our lovely marriage Anniversary at Goa. There we have done a romantic photo shoot on Vegator beach at Goa to give a spark and a milestone and a big salutation to 5 years of our togetherness. We are not born models but yes we are born lovers.
    To revive our love again this wonderful photo shoot was very precious, vital and precious, piece of bijouterie on our Love Life of togetherness. We really enjoyed and was vey excited for the first photo shoot of ours.

    Tu mere paas RAHE
    Har samay saath RAHE
    Manzilo mein Kitna bhi muskil aye
    Kabhi chute na. Humsafar ya Pyaar bhara ek dujeka Haa

  15. I have always shared a good compatability with my partner partner. 2017 showed us a very phase making me dump on bed.I was unable to walk and he carried me in his arms and then I realized, whatever be the situations, my partner ‘s shoulder is always there to lean on. With his support, I am back to normal thanking God for blessing me such a partner whose presence blossom my life.

  16. jananinagarajan

    I experienced motherhood after 6.5 years of married life ininspite of my medical complications.This got possible only because of my supportive partner.

  17. 2017 was an eye opening year for us regarding our relationship. It showed facets that we never knew were vital to survive in a relationship. It was the same year that i had my son and that brought us closer as a couple and my respect towards my husband grew. He helped me out with everything and is like second mother to my son literally. This made my 2017 really special!


  19. I think becoz of my husband I improve my behavior coz before I met him I believe in tit for tat but he taught me that there is no need to give back an answer for bad behavior..

  20. I started my own blog in September 2017. Hadn’t it been for my husband who constantly pushed me to keep writing, gladly took up additional financial responsibilities, travelled 300kms every weekend from his place of work to share parenting responsibilities, quitting a full-time job to pursue my passion would have never been possible. His encouragement, support and confidence in my abilities make me want to do better.

  21. 2017????????????it was a very good experience. Many fights between us made us more intimate. There were both tough and tide situations that made us Learn many practical lessons in life. Inspite of that we had good progress and celebrations. It was a good year of great experience to improve ourselves

  22. I have been searching for my life partner since 2 years and I found him in 2017. Meeting him has made me realize how beautiful being in a relationship is. So his coming in my life and becoming a part of it has made my 2017 better

  23. 2017. My mom was not well. My husband allowed me to go and take căre of her. I Served her for two months. She expired in may. Her demise could give me lifetime regret if i [email protected] not given a chance to serve her. Thanx to my Dear Husband.

  24. Priyanka Badlani

    The one thing that made 2017 better because of my partner is his undying support and blind trust in me as we decided to migrate to Australia and work towards it. His belief that it’s a better life out there and faith in my decision made all the difference to help us make it and get our PR.

  25. Moving abroad (for time being) with my tiny lil family made my 2017 better. Have gone through a hurricane when we were a joint family. And all I craved was a small mee mee time with hubby n baby which looked like a long path. Everything fell into place after we became nuclear. Looking forward for 2018 being another blessing for me… ????

  26. “Time sense”.Only few bachelor’s have this.I don’t.I workout, eat well,Watch movies,Keep room clean-All in “Haphazard” manner. She pre-defines everything.Now,I have all the time in the world . Including “To Love”.

  27. It’s the togetherness,the presence of the soul partner during thick & thin .It’s when you require support of someone near you & the other person sacrifices all comfort to be your side just made the life better when I hit rock bottom in 2017

  28. After my c-section delivery I can’t able to sit or keep my legs down the cot.. He made me sit keep my legs down made me wear slippers.. Cuz of drips my hands got swelling can’t able to eat r do anything myself he took care of me well.. He took care of me like a baby.. When I cry out of pain I see tears in his eyes by holding my hands.. Those moments made me feel like I got another dad to take care of me like a queen. And motivates me to get back my health make me walk everything. Made me feel so blessed to get him as my hubby.. I thank God for giving me a cute little princess and show my hubby’s care nd affection towards me in this 2017..

  29. I got married to a like minded person in may 2017. My previous marriage had thrown me to a state where i was no more interested in marriage. When my parenta forced me to see the matrimony. Saw his profile. Started talking to him by jan 11 2017 which is my dad’s bday too.. Things worked out great and here we are.. married happily everafter…

  30. My partner….my soulmate….my husband….made my 2017 memorable by giving me …my Space. He let me do things which I dreamt of ….he encouraged me in creating my own identity. He gave me back my own valuable time that I desperately need . He gave me that Space to reach the level of satisfaction in life. It’s because of him that I am again enjoying my writing passion.

  31. Best of 2017.. on our baby ear piercing function faced many problem bcoz of family member.. hubby stands by me, talks for me and supports me.. i have realized his love,care and support he has on me.. when I got aborted he did all my work, treated me as child never left me alone.. takes care of me and our baby.. i used to fight with him often, his politeness melt me and made to love him more.. frankly I should tell he is my another father, mother, brother and friend.. he is best.. no one can replace him

  32. Hi,
    Really this 2017 is blessed because by end of the year just before the new year got selected in a company as a Associate after a 5 years of career gap.i am a fresher I have no experience but my husband gave confident ,he motivate and referred for a job to his client.Now he is more happy than me ,as he feels I am secured with job.Really happy to share this

  33. One thing that made 2017 very good ia that the adventurous trip to vagamon and a long trip to Mangalore.
    It raining very badly, roads were very bad. It was too dark.
    I was sittibg next to my husband with lot of tension but i never showed on my face since he ot shouldn’t spoil his driving.
    I was relieved only after reaching the room.

  34. Vaishnavi Barath Sudharsh

    Huge part of 2017 was TTC. While physically and mentally undergoing everything, he showed no hesitation whatsoever I wanted to try or check. He taught me pregnancy has to be plural, he workout everyday with me despite odd shifts. He says, We will be pregnant soon, ‘we’ and not ‘you’.

  35. K.Abinayadharisini

    The one thing that made 2017 better because if my partner is I have started my online kids clothing business as a Mompreuner. And the full support system is my husband who have travelled with me, helped me in packing,shipping etc. He is my full strength and support me at every end. Have made 2017 a successful year both in family as well as in my little business..

  36. The one thing that made 2017 better because of my partner is I am promoted as Mompreuner.. Yes.. I have started my business of selling kids clothes(online).. And the full support system is my husband who travelled with me to buy and select clothes, helped me in shipping and everything related to business.. I am lucky to have my husband and be have given me the strength to do anything….

  37. The bestest thing that happened in 2017 is
    My Honeymoon to Kashmir , Gulmarg????????.
    Since v went after 4 long years to honeymoon,
    that was very very special thing in 2017 happened
    with my partner ????

  38. Sulakshana pramodkumar

    The most romantic trip to allapuzha on my birthday is gifted by hubby and he arranged the boat house with two full day package .. wow that’s amazing. No Internet , no calls and no disturbance it’s only ‘ US’.

  39. Especially post-Dengue, a bit more faith in good, to react wisely has been the best thing for me in 2017. Miracles can happen any moment. There’s no need to take every burden on my shoulders. It’s time to relax and breathe. Things will automatically fall in their right place.

  40. I made my 2017 better. I was walking in a wrong direction through the path of my life and suddenly I realized that is not perfect. I changed my thoughts towards life and inspired myself to walk with enough self -confidence and settle in my career.

  41. My reticent,workaholic partner of two decades has no iota of romance.I craved for some normal PDA and mushy talk but it fell on deaf ears.I was living in a state of despondency but 2017revealed a different side.My week long hospitalisation followed by a surgery showed his ardent love.He never left my side and managed all alone,post op he cared for me as someone possessed and I recouped well.I can truly say I have located my tall,dark,handsome Lochinvar.

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