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Contest: Tell us a story based on the Image



Hello Bloggers,

In association with the Facebook group with Best Indian Bloggers, we present the next contest.

Look at the image prompt and in about 400 words, tell us a Story.

Submit your entry as a comment below and win Gift vouchers.

Last day of submission – 29th Oct, 2017.

The winners will be announced on Whatsapp first on 3rd Nov, 2017.

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Contest open for Indian nationals living anywhere.


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  1. “This picture that you see was painted by me on the day when I first met your dad”, Sakshi tells her daughter Diya .

    Seven years back, the point in my life when I thought it’s the end of everything, actually turned out to be the beginning of my life’s most amazing time. This day was a new dawn after a night full of darkness.
    Sameer and I were forced to meet each other for arranged marriage. It’s funny, that we both kept silent for hours, neither did we look at each other. We had already decided to say no to each other for this marriage proposal. But someone had to break the ice, so I began telling him about the scars of my past.
    “I was very madly in love with Aarav, a heart throb in my college. We were in a relationship for four years and wanted to settle together in life. Ambitious, as he always was, he wanted to settle abroad. He left me for a NRI girl who would get him the green visa! “, I said. I never thought that I’d tell about this to Sameer, my parents had strictly warned me not to but I felt a connection and understanding in the silence that prevailed between us. After listening to me, Sameer told me how he went through a bad marriage. His wife ran away with her secret lover just one month after they got married.
    Heartbroken as we were, we no longer believed in love. Finally, he stood up and that was the first time we exchanged glances. We didn’t say a word but knew exactly what were supposed to do.
    We went back home and mentally had already made up our minds to refuse to our parents but did completely the opposite!
    It was in that one second, when we looked into each other’s eyes that somewhere we realised that this is what we have been longing for since forever. And here we’re today, celebrating the completion of seven years of our happy married life.

    Sameer comes and hugs Sakshi from behind. Diya continues to stare at the picture, her little mind still trying to comprehend her parents love story.

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