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Readers Comments On “Contest: Tell us a story based on the Image”

  1. “This picture that you see was painted by me on the day when I first met your dad”, Sakshi tells her daughter Diya .

    Seven years back, the point in my life when I thought it’s the end of everything, actually turned out to be the beginning of my life’s most amazing time. This day was a new dawn after a night full of darkness.
    Sameer and I were forced to meet each other for arranged marriage. It’s funny, that we both kept silent for hours, neither did we look at each other. We had already decided to say no to each other for this marriage proposal. But someone had to break the ice, so I began telling him about the scars of my past.
    “I was very madly in love with Aarav, a heart throb in my college. We were in a relationship for four years and wanted to settle together in life. Ambitious, as he always was, he wanted to settle abroad. He left me for a NRI girl who would get him the green visa! “, I said. I never thought that I’d tell about this to Sameer, my parents had strictly warned me not to but I felt a connection and understanding in the silence that prevailed between us. After listening to me, Sameer told me how he went through a bad marriage. His wife ran away with her secret lover just one month after they got married.
    Heartbroken as we were, we no longer believed in love. Finally, he stood up and that was the first time we exchanged glances. We didn’t say a word but knew exactly what were supposed to do.
    We went back home and mentally had already made up our minds to refuse to our parents but did completely the opposite!
    It was in that one second, when we looked into each other’s eyes that somewhere we realised that this is what we have been longing for since forever. And here we’re today, celebrating the completion of seven years of our happy married life.

    Sameer comes and hugs Sakshi from behind. Diya continues to stare at the picture, her little mind still trying to comprehend her parents love story.

  2. “In case you can spare some time, let’s catch up for the lunch break,” Sreekant texted. He waited anxiously for the reply.

    Nishigandha’s phone beeped with the text message alert. Looking over the notification panel she saw the sender’s name. Sree! Her heart started to pound heavily. “Ok, fine by me. Omi’s at 1.30?” she texted back.

    Nishigandha and Sreekant have been married for the past two years. Theirs was a love marriage against all bondages of society. But two years into holy matrimony and things between them started to collapse drastically. Once upon a time budding literary sensation Sreekant Shandilya was now failing to create a draft for his new book. Nishigandha Kukreti, on the other hand was climbing ladders of success everyday in her accessory designing world. The couple who relished on each other’s success a couple of years ago was now undergoing ego issues. Nishigandha was now turning out to be the breadwinner of their two-member family. What started as mere ego fights later drifted them apart forcing them to sleep in seperate rooms. Sreekant’s constant plea to have a baby to bring a change in their life, was falling into Nishigandha’s deaf ears who was totally consumed in being super successful. And then one day they stopped communicating with each other. Sreekant started staying out most of the nights, Nishigandha was too busy to notice. A mundane life of silence hovered around them until today when Sreekant texted Nishigandha asking her to meet for lunch. That was the most communication they had in the last few months.

    At exactly 1.30pm, Nishigandha found Sreekant sitting at their favourite restaurant Omi. He waved at her, she replied back with a faint smile. Their lunch time talk was rather abrupt. Exchanging pleasantries, simple yes and no’s completed their talk. They even failed to meet each other’s eyes. When the check arrived, Sreekant immediately took hold of it and offered to pay. Nishigandha sensed that nothing has changed. He still had issues. She got up to leave. “Nishi, let’s go for a walk. You know Greenwood isn’t far from here”, Sreekant said. The itinerary of today’s events were exactly the same on their first date. However, the only change was their feelings for each other. Back then they were starting to fall in love with each other and today, they were on the verge of falling out of love.

    Sreekant and Nishigandha started to walk silently. They came across a lot of happy couples, some hiding behind bushes while some maintaining the decorum in their process of pda. Foolish young love! However, Greenwood park was the place where they shared their first kiss five years ago.

    The silence between the two of them became almost unbearable when they distinctly heard a couple smooching behind a banyan tree. “I need to tell you something”, both of them blurted out almost in synchronicity.

    They sat on a bench apart from each other. Heaving a deep sigh of agony Nishigandha decided to talk first. “Remember the day I collapsed in the kitchen?” she asked him. “Yes and inspite of me yelling at you to go, see the doctor, you never went. But what about it? Are you sick?” Sreekant’s voice went on being casual to concerned.

    “I did go to the doctor”, Nishigandha replied slowly. “And?” Sreekant’s voice was now starting to shake. “I found out that I was pregnant”, she said. Before Sreekant could exclaim in joy Nishigandha stopped him and continued, “But I didn’t want a baby when I was in the middle of my rising career. I wasn’t ready both physically and mentally. A baby meant a lot more effort and unnecessary load. I had no time. You had your own issues and so…”, she stoped.
    “So what, Nishi? What did you do?” Sreekant lost his cool.
    “I underwent an abortion!”she declared.

    Five minutes which seemed like an hour have passed in utter silence. “Well, the baby clearly didn’t deserve a father like me,” Sreekant spoke. Nishigandha looked at him with teary eyes. “I met Mallika at a publishing house three months ago. She was undergoing the same crisis as me. Her draft was not being accepted by any of the publications. The friendly conversation that started between us led to frequent coffee meets, dinner dates and finally sex,” Sreekant said it all in one go.

    “Is that why you started to come in late?” she asked.
    “And I thought you never noticed,” Sreekant replied in a sarcastic yet sad tone.

    Nishigandha broke down into a fervent cry. She had no idea what broke her heart. Whether it was her heartless deed of killing her own baby or her husband’s (who was once the love of her life) infidelity.

    The couple stayed seated at the edge of the bench for hours. The only sound that could be heard was the sudden weeps of Nishigandha. Today, she didn’t care to go back to the office on time to save her flourishing carrer. All she wanted to do was cry her heart out.

    Sreekant started speaking, “I am sorry for my juvenile act. My infidelity bears no excuse. Everything was over between Mallika and me, the day I realised our relationship was merely based on carnal needs. Nothing was going right in between you and me. We were constantly bickering. My self-respect was hurt because I was failing professionally…”
    “And so you decided to prove your masculinity by sleeping with someone else?” Nishigandha broke into a fit of tears once again.
    “What you did don’t justify your innocence either? You killed our baby behind my back.” Sreekant hit back.
    The moment he said that, he realised that this relationship was not going to work out anymore. They have completely lost their connection and most importantly, respect for each other. Even in a moment like this all they could do was blame each other for the debacle they caused.

    Nishigandha got up to leave. Sreekant didn’t stop her. She left months ago, he concluded.

    “In a few days, I will send you the papers. Just take a look and let me know if you prefer any changes. My lawyer will be in touch with you”. Sreekant received a text the next day. He was sitting at the same park on the same bench. A sad smile crossed his face. “Ok!” he replied back to Nishigandha

  3. Surbhi had just moved to this new neighbourhood with Sudhir . In their two years old marriage, there was hardly anything to look forward to she felt. He was her best friend, they had studied together at a university and then amidst family pressure of old/ailing parents, biological clocks and what not married each other.
    It was an experiment at best that seemed to work all fine for a while, they were both convinced , after all that is how most “ideal Indian marriages” were, they were friends at least, they had some common interests like hiking, reading. But beyond that there was nothing, no soft feelings of new found romance or the high tides of flaming passion.
    Sudhir was a banker, travelled a lot and she being a translator could work from anywhere so sometimes travelled with him, but their equation never got any better than two fellow travellers on a flight or two friends living together.
    Now at the brink of giving in again to the family pressure of starting a family the questions bothered her more. Was it alright just to “perform” sexually to have progeny with each other? Will it be fine masking a friendship as a marriage? But what was the way out, families would never approve separation? Old/ailing parents would probably not survive the “social stigma.”
    She felt that she and Sudhir were alternatively a gas chamber and the person trapped inside it. She was aware of his “flings” at work, the sex chats in his Whatsapp , the desperation to “flee” from her and the relief he received in solo travel. But what could she do now? She believed she loved him, so she jumped at the faintest possibility of having a “happily ever after” with him two years ago. He had clearly said he doesn’t love her, but he was sure they were such good friends so they would be happy together.
    Surbhi was walking round and round along the walking track in the neighbourhood park, like she was in her marriage. There was no exit; it seemed from this gyre of monotonous monogamy. And there they were sitting; another couple, she looking away and he too engrossed in the newspaper, their toddler collecting leaves alone nearby.
    It was like a glance into her future, Surbhi felt dizzied at the loneliness of the three people beside her- the man, the woman and the child.

  4. One forty-five. The siren at the fish processing unit announced the end of morning shift. Jim picked up the tiffin-box from the grass below and lifted himself up from the cast iron bench. South east breeze was strong that mid noon. The smell of rain was in the air mixed with the pungency of raw stock of fishes drying up along the shore. He started towards the direction from which the stench was strongest.

    Five metres away from the bench, he realised the folly. Forty-eight hours back, he was relieved of the accountant’s worn out chair of nine years. There were four of them per shift. Two were still working while Jim withdrew himself to the bench, second consecutive day, and proceeded to finish the Xitt Kodi . He took his time. Neelu’s words were hard to take, her cooking was delicious.

    “Jimmy chedo, computer is not accepting your friend request,” Elderly Mhatre, his manager, had laughed at his own humour. He did the routine; went to the union, ranted, lamented. Leaders asked him to wait. He knew that meant the end of the road.

    He pulled out his pack to light one. The packet was empty, like the rest of the hours that he had to spend before taking the last ferry at ten fifteen and go home. Yusuf, laid off along with him, had shoved into his hands a local newspaper for job search. “See through, something will be there.” Jim pulled out the newspaper. Bars, pubs, massage parlours – no one needed an honest accountant.

    His search was distracted with a smell unusual for the coast. It was lavender, his mom’s favourite. Did it bloom in this park? He turned to find a girl, North-East Indian or Chinese or what, he couldn’t say. She was in a powder pink, flowing dress and a fashionable pair of beige leather stiletto. Her clutch, held tight, matched the shoes. Looking away from Jim, she was eager to find someone at the horizon, or so it seemed.

    Neelu was Jim’s anchor, but he for long wished to sail. A few stealthy glances later, he was caught by the cold eyes of the girl. She shrugged and turned her lips upside down. “Hi,” she said, “seems my idiot has chickened out.” She smiled to send shivers down Jim’s crotch. “Do I look interesting to you?”

  5. Was this the Sumit I had known, in the last three years I had seen a different person.A person so romantically inclined, every girl’s delight.I had met him through a common friend and one meeting was sufficient to feel attracted to him.A well read,suave,down to earth guy,who loved to live life kingsize.We started dating and he made me feel special.It was like a dream, long drives,gifts,candle-lit dinners,texting love messages all day.We were serious and wanted to get married at the earliest.I trusted him and knew he would talk to his parents regarding our relationship.
    Today after three years, I saw a change in his behaviour ,when I reached our favourite spot,instead of greeting me effusively as was his nature,he showed indifference being busy with his cellphone.He had his back to her and when she tried talking, he didn’t bother to answer.On coaxing he said , he wanted to break the relationship,I was flummoxed ,why he had played with my emotions and shown her a rosy future.
    But he felt they were not compatible and he had found someone new.He wanted her to move on as he had moved on.She could hardly believe her ears that a decent ,guy had taken her for a ride.Relationship for him was like a butterfly, just flitting from one flower to the other.He sucked nectar from different flowers but didn’t want any strings attached.
    Tears fell like rivulets from her eyes,she cursed her naivety and how gullible she had been to trust a cassanova like Sumit.But it was a lesson learnt and she knew it was time to move on.
    The lesson learnt was Once bitten twice shy, she would tread carefully next time.She had faith difficult situations in life would lead her to a beautiful destinations.

    “You can’t start a new life if you keep looking back at your past,” Robin pointed out to Dolores, a pretty, svelte 24-year-old young woman, on the threshold of life. She had just completed 3 years of marriage with husband James, who was quite a far cry from Robin. However, her marriage with James was far from successful, and indeed it was on the proverbial tumultuous rocks.

    Flashback. Earlier, Dolores had been happy and secure in her relationship with James, which she had thought would last life-long. Yes, James had been the dauntless Don Juan, a regular Casanova who could make many a damsel swoon at his movie star good looks and charismatic charm. However, she came to know that Mr. Good Looking was a major `Playboy’ with countless female admirers. Yet, to each damsel, he paraded to be `the one and only’, thus keeping all happy! A friend of Dolores had pointed out, “Dolores, don’t you know the saying, `Don’t make a man a priority in your life, if you are just an option in his.” “Oh, but at least, I’m an option!” gushed Dolores!

    Then, one day, Dolores caught him red-handed with one of his ardent admirers. James was too much of a seasoned man to deny it, fight back or defend himself. He faced the situation with clear-cut conviction, “Yes, Dolores, I am serious about another woman, Elizabeth, whom I am going to marry after I divorce you.”

    Dolores was heartbroken! Had all the wonderful dreams of mystical love and passion just disappeared into thin air? Dolores was even ready to give her marriage another chance, another go, so that it could be retrieved. However, the once-caring James had said the words which now cut like ice, “It’s over. Elizabeth is waiting……..”

    The days afterward were too painful to recall. Dolores knew that she had no option, she would have to be strong and sturdy and she had to move on. Through common friends, Dolores met Robin who was an understanding, suave and responsible divorcee, who understood the equations perfectly and was ready to adjust to Dolores.

    Robin had said, “Sweetheart, don’t keep looking back. The past is history. The future is a mystery. Look forward optimistically and positively, believing that when you look ahead at the bright golden sun, the ugly, taunting shadows of the past will fall behind you. And that’s where they belong. Behind you.”
    By Heera Nawaz

  7. “You know something remarkable happened today? I was…”
    Ping. Ping.
    I could not finish my sentence as his phone alert arrived announcing some messages in ‘office whatsapp’ group.
    “Just a second dear.”
    He always asserts how important it is to connect with work through smartphones.
    And there he was busy typing some reply to a message.
    1 minute ..2 minute…
    At last he looked up- “Yes tell me.”
    The phone continued to vibrate. More messages are pouring in. Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram.
    I started narrating how in office today a competition was arranged for the most organised desk on the eve of Diwali and miraculously the most clumsy girl, me, won.
    As I narrated excitedly, all the while his eyes were fixed on the dear smartphone. His soul companion as I called it. Scrolling through the ‘important’ events.
    “Congrats dear, that’s great.” Were his words on hearing me out. Though I know he has just heard the last words “& I won a big gift hamper”.
    Our 3 year old relationship was now getting a tough competition from this few inches device. Earlier we could not stop talking to each other. Everything was interesting and now we have forgotten to make eye contacts while conversing as we fidget and scroll through the apps. The stories on Facebook, Instagram and whatsapp have more appeal than our daily conversations. We want to connect with everyone at the same time thus losing the friend sitting across.
    But today I lost my cool.
    “Why do you even come to meet if you will be busy with your phone? Show some respect when some one is speaking.”
    “But I was listening to you.”
    “No you were not. I am tired with these addiction of phone of yours. You must choose between me and your phone.”
    With these words I stormed out and hailed a cab. Enough is enough. He must understand how to give importance to girlfriend. I took out my phone to cool down.
    200 messages in Whatsapp, 5 new notifications in Facebook and Instagram. Oh my god how much have I missed!!I panicked. Sitting in the cab I became busy replying to the conversations, oblivious to the world outside the car window. And up somewhere the Smartphone God smirked.

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