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A timeless love story


There in Dreamtime

in the Australian outback

the cave paintings

of a timeless love story


In Chaucer’s Canterbury

co-pilgrims, on a pilgrimage

to self

the coy glances

that never became words

only the matched footsteps

marked that journey

In a war that submerged

the whole world

in a ghetto, or an air base

love became fear

of loss

of death

without a promise

of any future

in another lifetime

a sepia frame

of one smile

in two hearts

the same gaze

the same eyes

Now, the fragments

of a shared soul

living two parallel lives

poles apart

please, Stay now

because in all those

another lifetimes,

you couldn’t !!

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  1. As all your musings ,this one too makes one feel associated with a bitter truth.Expressions 10/10

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