Together forever

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In over 5 years of being married to the man of my dream, I believe everlasting happy marriage is about prioritizing your relationship & nurturing it with love and care.

Here are the #3 Golden_rules towards strengthening the most precious relation of life i.e. #Marriage…!!

#1_Rule: Trust & Respect – They are the building blocks of any relationship. Trust is about proving your reliability and dependability along with sharing the responsibilities entitled on your shoulders equally whereas, respect is acceptance of your partner with all the odds and differences. Its Mutual give and take of happiness in relationship. Acknowledge your partners strengths and compliment him for same.

#2_Rule: Be Best friends – Friendship in marriage cannot be overstated but it’s a noble relation that keeps strong bonding. Bonding of thoughts, opinions and uplifting each other. Being best friend with spouse breaks all the traditional boundaries and life becomes simple & easy, with similarity in thoughts and liking’s helps keeping marriage happy forever.

#3_Rule: Fall in love every day – Love your partner fiercely and fall in love with him daily. Let the romance be same like the day you met each other & thought to spend entire life together. Spend time in each other’s arms thinking nothing, but just being “YOU BOTH” with all the happy moments of life.

These rules will surely take marriage to a new dream of happiness and keep the love alive forever.


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