contest-Valentine’s Day

couple kissing at sunset

Mushy and gleamed, Valentines’ Day is glorified in every dream

Its’ more than just bringing home the bacon, or sitting by the fire,

There’s more to this day than just desires….

Flowers and food, wine on the table that tastes good,

Cuddly and tight, to hold a heart in sight,

Love or romance, comes in packages delivered in advance

Two to tango, step to step, schleps no more in their steps

“It’s’ the way you look tonight”, plays on, taking love to dizzying heights

A kiss to seal the night, keeps the heart feeling light!!!


Two bright eyes, a card in hand, a crooked heart on it she’s drawn,

Dad’ coming in early…he’s promised today….I’ll sleep when we celebrate the day,

Chocolates and balloons with fanfare too,

Dad’s little girl waits to wish happy valentines’ day too

The table’s set for a date; dad’s on time there’s no need to wait

He’s wrapped up love in a little box, her favorite frock with matching socks

She’s no less to gift, into the envelope she’s blown a thousand kiss….

They miss mum on this day; she’s smiling down from heavens he says….

They were so in love, they ran away, and married in a chapel by the bay

Life’s been precious with her; she’s loved him so dear,

He’s been chivalrous and charming, taking her breath, stealing her heart away,

Sunsets they have seen, life’s been so much more than just freen

He stole her right under her dad’s nose,

Those were the days when love came with no expiry days he says….

On Valentines’ Day their love grows a year old; fifty gleaming years with his darling seem to unfold

You are my golden girl he always says, and she smiles her dazzling smile intact to this day!!!

Friends can be valentines too, they argue,

Wonder who wins this year, valentines’ day is near too!

Buddies they’ve been through thick and thin,

Secrets known, fights thrown in the bin

Hostel brought them together and family they became

To this day they fight over every dame!!

They shared the dorm and broke discipline’s every norm,

The trunks were raided each academic year and mom’s letters were always met with tears

Who knew their boys will be best buds too; living on the legacy that dad’s left through….

Valentines’ Day is for love to glue!!!!


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