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15 Things Men Notice About You In The First Meeting

When I asked my then boy friend if he was ready to take our relationship to the next stage called marriage, he wasn’t sure if he was old enough, settled well and ready yet.. Yeah right! If there ever was such a thing with men. That was on the 14th of Jan I clearly remember the day as it shattered my life as I broke away from that rejected relationship. We were college sweethearts who took up a job together so we could continue our relationship and still see each other daily. While a girl is clear that such things end in marriage, boys don’t look so far ahead in life especially when you have just started earning and spending as per your wish. But then finding another job that pays so well and gave great job satisfaction wasn’t easy at all. This meant me facing him daily.

Finding excuses to stay away was difficult as it meant answering the top bosses, colleagues and team members.. So I would go around my work with a smile plastered on my face and my heart sinking as I saw him daily

As the days passed by I fell back into my routine slowly dreading the big valentine’s day as memories of the past few years spent together as college sweet hearts came flooding back.. I found his rejection reason to be stupid ‘too young to get married at 25!’

The day finally came and I went through my day like a zombie waiting to run home.. Through the corner of my eye I could see him distributing chocolates to all my female colleagues.. But that was him, taking life easily one day at a time

As a rushed out of office hurriedly to catch the last bus, I heard someone calling out my name. When I turned around, there he was standing as handsome as ever. My heart skipped a beat as he thumped a box in my hands and just walked away . When I opened the box, tears flowed uncontrollably as it had a ring with a card which said “Marry me.. Can’t get a stupid reason like age make me lose you ”

Best valentine’s surprise ever.. And I did say yes to him. Today even after being happily married for 12 years and two kids later, my heart still skips a beat when I look at him


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