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Contest: What’s cooking- love?

 blogging contest

Hey Bloggers!


What’s cooking- love?

Blog & win Amazon voucher worth Rs 1000

Look at the image prompt & blog in about 300-400 words about what you would love to cook with your partner & why?

Please add  #contestalert at the end of your contest entry title.

Last day of submission- 10th September, 2017 8 P.M (IST)

Winner Announcement – 12th September, 2017

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Send YES to +919825027649 to register .

The winner will be announced first on Whatsapp .

Contest open only for Indian nationals or Indians living anywhere.

Hurry, submit your entries before contest closes.

Happy Blogging!

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  1. A first time foray into writing an article for Team Bonobology. Thanks for the opportunity.

  2. A first time foray into writing an article for Team Bonobology. Thanks for the opportunity.

  3. Many recipes and many occasions flooded to my mind. One such actually stood out because of its vital and unique ingredients. Had fun jotting down the experience of cooking together! Have submitted the same! Thank you Team Bonobology for the opportunity.
    – Ruchi from Team MocktailMommies

  4. Having to live without my maid was no less than a nightmare. But someday it had to be. She’s left finally. Without any replacement, better or worse!
    I didn’t lose nerve as I was perhaps mentally prepared. Working on my own till I get a better replacement I have chance upon a few surprisingly beautiful facts.

    Life is more peaceful you know when you don’t have to waste your energy to make someone understand what n how actually you would like the work to be done. You do it yourself, the best way possible.

    You are able to finish your cleaning work before even she might have dreamt to be able to begin with, some fine day! So you experience no unease till you have your house cleaned.

    You are the Queen of your house! Everyone needs you for one thing or the other and the best thing is that they do half of the work themselves as they don’t want to bother you much seeing how busy you already are like kids pack their bags beforehand, polish their shoes and much more!

    You have your romantic life back as there’s no outsider in the house to watch your actions. Your hubby who felt certain inhibition to assist you in the kitchen, has full freedom to do so. There’re so many sweet moments you thought you might not ever relive after the early wedded life. A cuddle, a hug, a kiss in the kitchen…not that bad an idea! To live without your maid.

    He wants you to eat first so that you could serve all later. Not only that, he proposes to cook for you! And you are like, overwhelmed.

    You can show off now because it’s you who knows what things are kept where and what’s running out in the stock, is at your tips too!

    They are ready to dine earlier so that you can clear up earlier and sit with them for movies, a habit that you couldn’t others inculcate that easy.

    Your son snatches the chance to express his love by remembering when is it your green tea ☕ time.

    Your doll comes to you after an interval of every fifteen minutes to ask fondly if you need her help any ways possible.

    So what if tea doesn’t taste the same you were beautifully habituated to. Soon it will be. Coffee is a good idea too!

    More outings for they don’t want you to be in the kitchen whole day.

    A soothing massage ? whenever you demand.

    So, when are you planning to send your maid away for a holiday?

    ( temporary feelings) ?

    The search is on!!!


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