#Contest What’s so special about the Valentine’s day?

Guy with roses

Ever wondered why the month of February and its 14th day holds a unique place in a girl’s heart? It’s Valentine’s and the atmospheric content varies than the usual composition all around the year; cause it’s when love is in the air! A day meant for the expression of feelings beholds the highest honour for all the love sick souls. Women await this day eagerly to measure the depth of their relationships in terms of undivided attention, pampering and presents.

My idea of a perfect valentine’s day is that of a timeless commitment as I believe in lifetime achievements rather than momentary madness. Nothing can be flawless without any scope of improvement yet when eyes speak the language of love and hands hold tightly against all odds; when the fragrance of togetherness lingers even after the flowers wither off ; when your partner’s mere thoughts or memories initiate the secretion of serotonin and you no more crave for chocolates or cakes, for me it’s valentine’s. It is always so much more meaningful to live for each other than just to love one another.

The idea of a single day for exchange of emotion baffles me. For the fiery first timers it’s dreaded the most like the board exams, if failed once there is no chance for any trial or error till the next year. While for couples already hitched, it’s like a repetitive test of affection each year showing weird insignificant representations on the security meter. Love, a super hyped gesture these days is a word that’s losing its essence being short lived like the dew drops that melt away with the rising sun.

Roses cheer me up with a smile eluding all my worries. I admire the beauty of each petal with its velvety feel spreading the intoxicating scent. My idea of a perfect and never ending Valentine’s day is consciously accepting the presence of thorns on its stem along with the artistic flower. One must learn to accept the honesty in nature’s way of demonstrating that life’s like that. Materialistic pleasures are countless and so are the ways to make one feel loved but what works for me is his affection that makes me blush like a rose every new day!


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