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bond of marriage

I dont think there should be any rules in marriage . Marrying a person doesnt mean that we keep some rules for each other,  that we have to this and that. What important is that there should be mutual understanding , space should be given to each other , trust should also be there that when when a partner is going anywhere the other partner should have fully trust on his /her partner and most important both should respect each other feelings . Yes …how can I forget love & care which are the most important part of this relationship called marriage. Without with a marriage cant be success. 

Serving a bed tea in the morning by kissing on his forhead and get back a kiss on her cheeks is what I feel should be a rule , coz it will make them come more closer to each other . When he is watching cricket , then she should serve his favourite snacks to him and spend some quality time with him is what I call a golden rule of marriage. The time she is preparing food and surprisly he hold her from back and kiss on her cheeks is what should be a rule of marriage . When she is feeling low , hug her by kissing her both eyes and saying ” baby I am here only with you , cheer up ” 
  My defination of golden rules of marriage are to find happiness in his wishes and fulfil it and off course it apply  to him also . Thats called a Golden rules of Marriage ? 

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  1. True. The only golden rule then I think is considering your partners needs and wishes and keeping their happiness paramount.

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