Contest: Your Golden Rules of Marriage

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 Your Golden Rules of Marriage

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Hey Bloggers, here’s your Blog topic –

‘Your Golden Rules of Marriage’

Blog in about 250-300 words on what you think are golden rules of marriage and stand a chance to win an Amazon voucher worth Rs. 1000!!

Brownie points if your headline makes us click more (let it not be as boring as ‘Golden rules’)

Last day of submission – 21st Aug, 1 pm

Winner Announcement – 22nd Aug

P.S – If you think this contest is only for married people, you are not being creative enough!!

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Readers Comments On “Contest: Your Golden Rules of Marriage”

  1. Take down the rose tinted glasses.

    After spending close to two decades of my life which is almost half of my life with the husband, we try our best not to kill each other. We tip-toe around each other. We take care to be civil. We know what the other thinks, reads, eats and wants to do. Over the years, I have learnt to use this knowledge to my advantage. What? We have to make the best use of our resources. Didn’t someone quote that ‘knowledge is power’?

    Do not let the husband know what annoys you. If he comes to know, he will make sure to take maximum pleasure by indulging in it. And that means wet towels on the beds, suds in the bathroom, unwashed jeans. If he thinks you get irritated if he pairs a checked shirt with striped pants, he will wear it every week.

    Do not let the husband know you want to spend some me time with your girl friends or family , definitely no advance warnings. That is when he will pick up the phone and talk to some of his relatives and invite them over for lunch. The date is obviously the same day you want to go out.

    Do not take him shopping. After all, he will not give any advice on what looks good on you, he will crib about the endless stores you will visit to buy that particular color of dress you had dreamt of. He will crib till you give in. It is better to leave him home in front of the TV with the remote in hand.

    Get your own credit card. For the payments, initially I got an add-on credit card. But the credit card company sent SMS to husband about my purchase. So, I went ahead and got my own card. Now, he discovers the purchase only when I make the credit card payment. By then, the deed is long done and the dust is settled and harmless.

    Declare him as an expert on some activities. I love it when my son says that ‘Daddy cooks the best’. I make sure he hears it. I make him feel proud about it. That takes care of Sunday breakfasts. He is also an expert when it comes to dealing with the creepy crawlies like cockroaches, insects. Not to mention the forbidden rat if it gets into the house. He still has some fun when he holds the cockroach close to me and pretends to throw it towards me. Ugh! But, he deals with it.

    Lose sometimes. We all fight. With age and experience, the fights tend to last longer and with all the ammunition we have, it gets nastier. But, then we know we have to bounce back eventually. We win some, we lose some. And sometimes, we pretend to forget we even had a fight.

    But, we cannot live without our best friend and partner, can we?

  2. I inherited some golden rules of marriage from my mom on my marriage date:

    1. Never both be angry at the same time.

    2. Never yell at each other unless the house Is on fire.

    3. If one of you has to win an argument, let it may your mate.

    4. If you have to criticize, do it lovingly.

    5. Never bringing up mistakes of the past

    6. Neglect the whole world apart from each other.

    7. Never go to sleep with an argument unsettled.

    8. At least once everyday try to say one kind or complimentary thing life partner

    9. When you have done something wrong, admit it and ask for forgiveness.

    10. It takes two to make a quarrel, and the one in the wrong is the one who is wrong it is the one who does the most talking.

  3. Marriage: A contract, Happiness or a Bond made in heaven!!

    Different people – different assumption, some people want to tie up with the one whom they met and love, some want to go with family values, and want to go with the culture of arrange. But for me, marriage is a life with all relationship together.

    My rules for a perfect marriage will be like.

    I want a partner, with whom pugnacious, make me remember of my nagging with my sibling, in my childhood days.
    Long chat with my partner should give me that warmth of my first crush or BF, with whom I spent all night talking.
    When I am upset, my partner should give warmth as of my mother’s lap, when as I use to lay down when stressed.
    A one who can boost me to all daring things, like my father to make my fear out.
    The one with whom I can learn to cook and let him taste all that I made, like my sister.
    A person that if I get to leave him alone even for a day, I should feel as bad as coming back from the granny house.
    A person, who should understand, me from in and out that if any blunder did by me, I could hide behind him, as I use to hide behind my brother.

    Above all, “The main rule of a perfect wedding for me will be, I want to marry a guy, for whom by heart by soul, I am ready to do all above, without any hiccups or second thought.

  4. Pay attention when your spouse is present Turn off the TV, hang up the phone, Make a deal to stay calm when you’re in a disagreement and to refrain from shouting at each other No one wins when you’re fighting. It’s okay to be the first one to make a move towards reconciliation. It doesn’t mean you’re weak. It means you recognize that where you are as a couple isn’t good for you and you want to work it out. We all have our annoying habits and instead of trying to retrain your spouse, learn to retrain yourself not to be irritated by them. Especially things they have no power over. Tell your partner often what you love about him. Be genuine and give compliments freely.
    These are some “golden rules” that have kept our marriage mostly on the happy side.  The most important rule is that you can’t keep score on who did or did not do what. You have to commit from the heart and find joy and pleasure in giving to and caring for your partner and not waiting for your spouse to make you happy.

  5. Marriages do come with a lot of rules each having a different result..

    After all, when you first met “The One,” you were head-over-heels-giddy-in-love (I know I was), and that magical feeling lasts for a while. But eventually, real life starts happening. You get really busy with your career, kids, a parent’s illness, and all the activity and stress that come with raising a family. Before you know it, your marriage gets pushed to the back burner..
    Eventually you wake up one day and realize that you no longer have anything in common with the person you once promised to love, cherish, and honor forever.
    I don’t believe that so many promising partnerships have to end in frustration, grief, or even animosity. And I think that what makes all the difference in a marriage is how you choose to prioritize it.
    In over 6 years of being a wife to a man I adore, I have learned that a highly prioritized, happy marriage is the cornerstone of a great life. When you have the friendship, support, and love of your spouse, everything else in your life — your career, your hobbies, and your other relationships , is much easier to navigate. To achieve this state, though, you must put more effort each and every day into your marriage than you do into taking care of your house & belongings.

    • I Recommit myself to my marriage every single day.
    • Evaluate where your self-worth comes from. I believe that the happiest couples draw a lot of their self-worth from their relationships with each other.
    • Acknowledge the little things your spouse does and return the favor
    • Take responsibility and stop trying to fix your partner.
    And finally
    • Date your spouse again. ?

    But i truly believe marriage should have no rules.. the only underlying golden thread should the two theorems of honesty and mutual respect. out of that, there should be no “rules”!

  6. Sanchita Bhartiya

    Add a touch of ‘The Midas Touch’ to your marriage.

    Being married for almost 4 years and dating the same person the previous 2, our relationship has always been a roller coaster ride.
    From being friends to couple, the sun shines differently..The world changes variably!!

    Ideally marriage is the biggest leap one takes in his life, it comes with its own set of pros and cons. If dating seems to be a bed of roses marriage adds the thorns to the same bed. If coveting to live with each other is dreamy then living with each other is equally nightmarish, it’s the harsh reality and the key to let your marriage thrive is acceptance, communication & love❤

    Accepting each other the way they are is the key to make a marriage work. No two fingers are alike & when it comes to partners they definitely can’t be alike and that is what attracts you the most in each other, that is what keeps the spark of your relation kindled. There may be a hundred similarities but what keeps the relationship balanced is the differences. At times we happen to fight a battle between our hearts and mind and that’s when we loose it, we stop accepting and start reasoning, which in turn might be rationale but definitely not healthy for a marriage. We build egos and stereotype ourselves with the way things sound right but excuse me this is not a board room or a court and we need not judge the actions or temperament of our partners. We should simply accept it, I am not talking about the extreme cases of being abused or abusing a relation, however in that case professional help should be sought.
    Yes, if the behaviour of the partner is subtly unreasonable it can always be moulded passively with subtle efforts and healthy communication directed towards the positivism the change would bring in.

    Constant naggings & throwing tantrums only lead to differences & distances, so you better avoid it.

    Though Love sounds to be a vague term, it is another essential on which a marriage thrives.
    I reckon Love is such a strong force that keeps 2 souls intact together despite facing all odds and differences.
    With love comes all the virtues & requisites of staying in a relationship.
    Love is true when it is unconditional & with unconditional love comes the power to stay in relation, to fight all odds, to meet differences.
    Thus, striking a mix of all the key factors will definitely propel your relationship towards a happily ever after.

  7. Feliciana Rodrigues

    Me and my hubby have just one golden rule and it always has worked for us. We share it with other couples so that they too adopt it. The rule is no matter how are day went, how much we have fought, how irritated we are with the other spouse. When we go to bed, we have to face each other and sleep. Trust me all the bitterness of the day melts away when you stare at your partners face in bed 🙂

  8. Love is the foundation of a successful marriage. But lots of other factors contribute to it success.Discuss important family matters together.Do not fight for silly reasons.sharing food with them, sharing your emotions, Marriage will still be good enough, if you both agree on what rules both of you will follow in your relationship.

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