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#ContestAlert – Manifesto for equality in marriage

Marriage Ceremony

Manifesto for equality in marriage 

Modern marriages are not what they used to be, they need new rules of the game, here are a few suggested ones.

  1. Personal preferences including those related to dress, food, hobbies, use of social media will be respected with no pressure from in-laws or relatives.
  2. Bot the partners must share equal responsibility of caring for each other’s parents, extended family responsibilities if any, while each would remain the primary caregiver for their own parents.
  3. Both partners have an equal right to pursue–or not pursue–a career of their choice and play the role of primary breadwinner.
  4. If both choose to have an active professional life, the responsibility of child-rearing and home management will be shared equally.
  5. Together, the spouses will resolve to overcome all covert and open attempts by the extended family to interfere in their life choices.
  6. The bride must not necessarily leave her home to merge or fit into her in-law’s scheme of things, she now just has another home that she might choose to call her own in addition to the home she comes from.
  7. Password will not be demanded at any given point of time, trust would mean social media trust too.
  8. No sharing of “shared” material online without partner’s consent.
  9. Equal say in which TV shows to watch or not.
  10. Equal distribution of “me” time and couple time.
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  1. Wow. All your points are actually bang on. Well, to some extent, modern Indian couples have actually started following these pointers. But mostly, things remain unchanged and traditional mind set-up will take a while to melt.

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