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happy couple

The minute the priest pronounced us man and wife in front of the sacred fire,and we were united in holy matrimony.But it is cliched to say “we become two bodies one soul”.We come from diverse cultures,backgrounds and different upbringing,so we are poles apart in our behaviour and thinking.As Paulo Coehlo has said”Love is a trap,when it appears we see only its light,not its shadows.”

Being a perfect couple is like a mirage in a desert,one feels the minute one gets married,we become one.From experience I say it is not a sugar-candy,one lick and you feel the sweetness.It is all about growing as a couple,learning about each other and never giving up on each other.

Two decades of companionship has taught us a lot,we have had our share of ups and downs,bickerings,mud slingings but still the need for each other remains strong.We are like chalk and cheese,nothing common,he is a workhaholic,taciturn guy,while I am just the opposite,extrovert and a chatterbox.His idea of leisure is a game of solitaire or watching flicks on the idiot box,while I hate watching flicks ,I am a voracious reader.I go bonkers when I talk to him as it is always monosyllabic,while my relentless chatting drives him up the wall.

But both can’t change the other,so instead of carrying attitude on our sleeves,we accept each other as individuals and give space to each other.We have understood in the realm of time,couples that are “Meant to be” are the ones who go through everything that is meant to tear them apart and come out even stronger than before.There is no PDA in our relationship,no uttering sweet nothings but the mere presence of each other while sitting,strolling,struggling helps us to strengthen our bond.

It has taken us years to come to this level,a perfect couple needs time and effort to know each other,as no relationship is all sunshine ,two people can share one umbrella and survive the storms together.Both have to be friends first then grow as a couple,learn about each other and never give up on each other.

We can’t change each so accept each other with flaws as no one is perfect.These are my Perfect Couple rules.Whether we talk or not the care and bonding remains.

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