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#ContestAlert- This is how my husband’s bromance has changed our relationship to good

Bromance - friends

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A few days ago, on a morning like any other, I had made a realization about our life. And as I started out, I saw that years are passing so quickly with precious memories. What do I want from my life? I asked myself. “Well. I want to be a happy and successful person. And with the grace of God, I had so many reasons to be happy.”

We had a happy married life with commitment, mutual respect, the good dose of love and affection with two absolutely adorable kids. My husband loves us so much. He is a complete family man with 100% devotion and faith. He worked hard to handle the financial responsibilities and I took care of home and kids. We had a settled routine family life (like all other families) with routine shopping, school meetings, park visit, health-check-ups, vacations….and the list goes on. We are enjoying our life.

Really, are we enjoying our life? Sometimes, I asked myself. Sometimes I asked him are we completely satisfied and happy? Yes….we are happy. But….

Let’s remain this “But” is a mystery for a while. And go back to the story. Since the time I know my husband, he had an inherent shyness in his nature. He rarely expresses his emotions. He talks less and most of the times I have to understand his inner feelings just by applying my emotional literacy.

I know he had a wide circle of friends before marriage. Great friends…these friends were the support system for him. And they used to spend all tiny moments of happiness, sadness, excitement, together. But after marriage family responsibilities had changed the equation of relationships with friends. Usually, marriage creates a ripple in the relationship with friends. And because of the endless household responsibilities, we often find it difficult to carve out a quality time for friends.

This common phenomenon had happened to him too. He had established the family as the first priority in his life. Since a long time, “Family” is the ultimate thing in his life. He used to complete his all duties with best efforts. He wants to make us happy all the time. He solves our all problems without caring for him selves. He rarely gets time for him selves. We were living our family life with lots of positive emotions. But…..

Oh! Now let’s explore the mystery of “But”. But, sometimes I had observed that he is doing all things mechanically. His actions are automatic without much thinking. He does…what do we say? He shops… what do we want? He never complains and always got a cool head on his shoulders. And sometimes, I got worried about it, but then I consoled myself with a thought that after marriage to aisa hota hi Hai.

Days were flying and we were living our life mechanically. Indeed, sometimes it feels that life is mechanical; we did not have many options for anything. We had tons of responsibilities which we had to complete in every circumstance. For both of us, it was always difficult to get some quality time with friends (or alone). Life is showing an unbeatable momentum with the fastest speed.

During our routine, hectic life schedule a sudden change has happened. Since last few days, I had observed a positive change in my husband’s behaviour. His routine reactions got changed into an impulsive weekend planning.

“We are going for boys hang out, do not cook food for me” a simple SMS offended me on Friday night. And then,


Tennis play date…

Even “Pokémon go…” he has started behaving differently.

It was unusual for me. Initially, I was in a confused state of mind. I did not know, what is happening exactly? I was feeling little upset, for not getting his enough attention and time.

When he had revealed the mystery of his new group, I felt a bit of relaxation. After a long long time, he had found some very good new friends. Apart from two married men, they had two bachelors in their group. Bachelors those who have,

A freedom from family responsibilities

A bit of indiscipline in their life

Shopped for themselves

Tried each new cuisine

Updated with every latest release

Excited with all new fashion and style

And the company of these young free people has helped them to moves in the direction of happiness. They had rememorized them their old days. And it is the truth that,

“Sometimes, being with your best friend is all the therapy you need.”

The great part is that these new group has changed his family behaviour too with positivity. Now, he has a new energy, enthusiasm, positive spirit and good mood. Because it is always important to start with yourself if you want to make someone happy. And I am feeling very happy that,

“My husband’s Bromance has changed our relationship to better”

Indeed, during routine life, we often forget our likes and dislikes. We often forget what do we want for ourselves? We get completely focused on our duties and responsibilities. We wouldn’t be able to maintain our relationship with friends. We do only those things which our kids love. We missed all moments of free bachelor life. And fortunately when we got a new friend or friend group after a long time, definitely it charged our life with a great vitality.

What are your thoughts? Please share with us. Until then, eat healthy and live well!

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  1. Yes! Shobha, friends are the true treasure of life, they make us happy and bring positivity in monotonous life. thanks a lot for reading the post and sharing your thoughts.

  2. That’s true. Best friends are always a reminder of the happening side when life gets monotonous. It is vital to remain happy and satisfied with one’s own self before making others happy.

    Good luck. 🙂

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