#ContestAlert – You Make My Heart Leap

Rachana Chakraborty

“Can love be expressed?” this question has always baffled my hubby dear..as I want it to be expressed and he is just the other way round. He can never express his feelings for me. Rather he feels awkward to do so.

Since the day of our nuptial bond he was never able to express his love for me though I severally do it always. I just can’t understand the hypocrisy, as to why people feel it childishness to express love. As for me it just works as a booster. I believe we all need to feel important sometimes and if it comes from your better half it is just like melted sugar. But this I feel doesn’t works out for everyone.

Since the day of our marriage (i.e. 21 years) it is I who tries to commemorate all the important dates (birthdays, anniversary, friendship day etc.)and he is like ,”why?”

Why do we need to express it and he always has his own valid justification to support…I believe that everyone has their own way of expressing love but sometimes we should also try to curb our feelings for our partner in love .At least once in a year we should try to express even though we don’t appreciate it .

As for me, am still waiting for that spontaneity of his expression though a slight change has occurred in the recent times as now-a -days I see him at least ready for a selfie with me .Am happy with that too as he just started expressing after 20 years maybe now after another 20 years he would like to go out for a candle -light dinner with me…….

Our relationship clubs up in these few lines and does expresses itself

He never says, he never shows,

He never said those three golden words..

But still his love for me is divine .

I never can stop craving for it.

He hides his love….but still I see,

He hides his feelings….but still I sense,

He hides his emotions….but still I feel,

Can he ever understand… His hiding nature pulls me to Him.

He treats me like a teenager,

He pampers me like a child.

He senses my untold agony,

What more can I expect?

But still he never says the golden words of love,

He never poses for a close up pic,

He never is the first one to wish for those special days,

But still his love is what I crave.

#Contest Alert Couple Relationships.

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Shobha Mahapatra
Shobha Mahapatra November 21, 2017 - 5:00 pm

Maybe the love you share is already unique and beautiful. It need not fit into the pattern built by others out there. You are both happy and content with each and that is what matters. 🙂

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