#contestValentine’s day with Lord Shiva

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“You can never forget my birthday”, says she boastfully.

She, a distant cousin of mine who had come to spend her long summer vacation with us and enrich me with all knowledge that text books don’t provide .

The reason why I wouldn’t forget her birthday says she , is because it falls on 14th February.

“So? What’s so great about the day that I wouldn’t forget”, asked a bewildered me.

And she says,”O come on, don’t tell me that you don’t know, it’s Valentine’s day!”

Years ago, that was the first time I heard about Valentine’s day. My gaping expressions told her that I didn’t know anything about it, so with much pride, she took this responsibility upon her to enlighten me with the details of Valentine’s day, especially emphasizing on her sizzling love life. She gave me a full description of how she was amused to manage her three boyfriends each one of whom specially celebrates Valentine’s day with her with roses,cakes, movie, dinner, etc.

Good God! I grieved. I don’t even have one boyfriend who would plan at least a small luncheon for me.

Years passed and Valentine’s Day still was a dream for me. And in the small town where I lived , there was no sign of any Valentine’s Day celebrations and gradually this idea faded from my mind. In fact, years later, during my courtship with my would be husband, I forgot about it totally (and most probably he too had meagre knowledge about it) and hence,no celebrations.Now we both regret it with a laughter on our naivety.

Recently, when the Day has finally managed to get itself an epochal place in the calendar and also in the lives of people,celebration oozes in almost every nook and corners of the country, so much so that some even rebel particularly on this day, saying it’s a spoiler of our rich Indian culture. So much hype about this day ,and how can I not be a part of the celebration? Not that I celebrate the day with great pomp and show; it’s just some subtle gestures that make my Valentine day, like wishing my Man with a peck on the cheek, buying small gifts for him (not every year). And, now my little teenager spices it more with all his handmade cards and gifts for us,he being the significant part of this celebration of love.

This year of course the day will be celebrated with Lord Shiva himself, the God whom every girl worships in hope to get a dashing and handsome husband like him, the God , who, I believe has gifted me the most loving and handsome husband. Since Valentine’s Day, this year, falls on Shiv Ratri, I am sure it’s really going to be special to celebrate the day with Him and O yes, some bhaang ka laddu will add some more fun and magic to the celebration.

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