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We were newly married and just back from the honeymoon. The cook was off that day and my mother in law was not in town either. So, for the first time, I was solely responsible for making lunch that Sunday.  Having always considered myself a ‘fancy’ cook who loves to experiment,  instead of the traditional sambhar- rasam , I decided to try making the Risotto, which we had relished in Italy .

While I was hunting the kitchen to assort the required ingredients , my hubby entered the kitchen, with his portable music system, to keep me company. He noticed the way I was struggling to chop the onions . He took over and chopped them (super)finely in no time at all.Thanks to all those years of living alone when he mastered his cooking and cutting skills. Once the onions were cut, the broth was ready, I read out the recipe to him and together we cooked the risotto that tasted good enough. We realised we were a good team in the kitchen too.

Since then, we have successfully established a norm in our little family that Sunday brunches are on the ‘Man of the house’ and inevitably, I am pulled in the whole process, acting as the sous chef. Together, we cook up a storm , preparing something that’s truly ‘continental’. The kids initially used to find it amusing to see their daddy working dedicatedly in the kitchen but over time, they are well-adjusted to the routine, knowing fully well that something ‘new’ is coming their way for lunch.

So, every week, by Friday, we decide the recipe, often relying on the Tasty app and accordingly, we stock up all the necessary ingredients before the D-day. That’s one good reason for us to look forward to every Sunday, when apart from staying hooked on to the Netflix or the Kindle, we make merry and bond over cooking, in the kitchen.

And at times, when we have a rough week, giving into the stress of the daily life and end up fighting, Sundays are the days to rekindle the flame , by cooking the good, old ‘risotto’ from where we began our culinary journey.

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