Affair and Cheating

Why would a partner continue to stay in a marriage after their spouse cheated on them?

We swear we would end the marriage if we catch our partner cheating, and yet when it happens most of us don’t. Let’s Discuss Infidelity members think from the perspective of the betrayed spouse and share
couple not talking to each other

What makes the partner of an unfaithful spouse carry on with the marriage?

Bonobology received a story where the wife chose to stay in the marriage despite knowing of her spouse’s transgressions. Whether she was blindly in love or did not have the option to actually walk out we cannot say; an Indian marriage is almost always about two families marrying rather than two individuals and hence all come together to ‘save’ the marriage if need arises. For women, a lot of other factors come into play, too – social, financial, and emotional.

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  1. The most stupid comment comes from Neha Pathak who derides the value of sacrifice. The sane comment comes from Aarif Malik.

    I know a distant cousin who in her 30’s had an affair because her husband was in travel for his job. Her husband found out and when confronted my cousin exploded. The case got ugly and went to court. In the divorce trials the judge listened to my cousin who wept in the courtroom because she said that her marriage was broken by her husband constant interference and her personal freedom was destroyed because he wanted to know about his wife’s whereabouts, My cousin also said that if her husband had not found out about her extramarital affair, she would have led a comfortable life with her two kids. Now after divorce she has nowhere to go …. blah, blah…..

    That asshole judge probably was impressed by the show and though he reprimanded my cousin, he ruled that her husband pay 1.3 times the alimony per month,

    My cousin continues this day to keep having affairs at her ex’s money. I sometimes think what is the difference between my cousin and a whore?

    Where am I going wrong?

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