Amrita Mallik

Although Amrita Mallik is a qualified teacher, she is now a stay-at-home mother. Her free time includes scribbling figments of her imagination, singing and reading books. She is now waiting for a life changing big break in near future.

Second marriage

The start of the second innings

Tulip met her would-be husband in college. They fell for each other but convincing the girl’s family was a hard task. Being conservative, and more prone to other people’s reactions, the parents did not easily welcome their prospective son-in-law. Nevertheless, they surrendered for their daughter’s sake. The couple got married and begun their new journey.< …

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I will never do to my daughter what my parents did to me. They pushed me into hell

(As told to Amrita Mallik) Thanks to my over-restrictive parents, I grew up as a mere puppet supposed to dance to their every tune. One of those tunes was obviously my marriage. After completing my graduation, I was hesitantly dreaming of a brighter step ahead when my parents’ blatant announcement came as an alarm bell. …

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red lips

Every Strong Woman is Sexy

I was first introduced to ‘sexy’ by a friend in my early teenage years, who clearly stated that only hourglass figured women are considered ‘sexy’. Alas! How heartbroken I became on hearing this. It meant I could never be ‘sexy’ for I was fat. My perspective towards life has changed with time. Every connotation I …

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celebrating marriage

Celebrating imperfections

I clearly remember how my new journey of marriage has begun. Battling my husband’s mood swings, anxiety issues and blame game coupled with my in-laws’ obsession with formalities has been, no doubt, gruelling. I have felt guilty, remorse stricken and heartbroken at my slightest fault.< “The secret to a happy marriage (or, shall I say, …

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Love beyond imperfections

[mnky_ads id=”1737″] Whenever I come across a fairy tale romance, the happily ever after ending confuses me. I always wonder why can’t the entire journey be a happy one? I have come across this lovely couple (my maasi & mausa) who exhibits such an awesome love story in their 42 years of marriage. Love is …

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