Bijay Jasjit Anand

Bijay Anand is a Kundalini Yoga teacher. His philosophy on love, relationships and an organic way of life, as well as his teachings on living life based on the ancient wisdoms espoused in ancient Eastern cultures, have earned him respect and admiration from around the world. He is the founder of Anahata Retreats, which organises eclectic yoga, wellness and spiritual retreats in exotic locations around India.

Dance of the two spirals

Ever wished that your spouse ‘spruced up’ their looks, appearance or their life? Don’t ever try to change them. Here’s another trick to solve that problem.

Alpha in the house

Equal rights – Equal egos give rise to major conflicts. So who’s the BOSS?


We’re having a baby

How my intimate involvement in the 9 months of my wife’s pregnancy laid the foundations of a deep-spiritual relationship with my daughter

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