Janani Rajagopalan

Janani Rajagopalan is a chirpy optimist, who wears her heart on her sleeve and has a perennial grin stuck on her face. She believes in cherishing life, love and everything in between. She lives by the motto \"learning is a life-long process\" and that you learn from every new experience you have, every person you meet and every passing phase of your life, provided you take cognisance of it.

Parenting after divorce is not easy. Couples have to put up an united front.

हम दम्पति तो नहीं है, मगर माता पिता अब भी हैं

(जैसा जननी राजगोपालन को बताया गया) कोई भी ये सोच कर शादी नहीं करता की एक समय आएगा जब उनका तलाक हो जायेगा. मगर फिर भी तलाक होते हैं और ये एक बहुत ही दुखपूर्ण अनुभव होता है. और अगर ऐसे टूटते रिश्ते में बच्चे भी सम्मलित होते हैं, तो हालात और बदतर हो जाते …

हम दम्पति तो नहीं है, मगर माता पिता अब भी हैं Read More »

Indian woman in saree at home

Why do we want it all?

I am all for woman empowerment, rather equality of the sexes. I am not one of those ‘women’ who thinks that I am superior to men at all. I would just like to be considered an equal in all respects irrespective of my gender which is often the case in point. But off late, I …

Why do we want it all? Read More »

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