Meenu Mehrotra

Author of six books, Fiction writer, Poet,  Copywriter -I have been associated with writing for the past 28 years. An avid learner ,always ready to explore, discover & push my boundaries , my other interests  & certifications include NLP Practitioner, Archetypal Consulting, Angel Card Reading & Intuitive Coaching.  

couple intimate in flight

We made out in an airplane

Making out mid-air The best sex starts with an epic make-out session and no one can deny this fact. Making out is in fact, more seductive, intense and passionate than the real act. If the place of making out is risky, not run of the mill and never attempted before, the excitement and passion climb …

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Why a cheater will cheat again?

A recent study has revealed that a person who cheats once, will cheat again and again and reports that it’s scientifically true. In a study published in the journal Archives of Sexual Behaviour, the researchers asked the participants questions about their infidelity with their partners; which was called extra-dyadic sexual involvement (ESI) by the researchers. …

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