Megha Sehgal

I am Reiki Healer and Tarot Card Reader. I love to write about relationship, lifestyle and life experiences. Being firm believer in God, I find peace in meditation and to ease my stress level I either listen to music or do some meditation. I am passionate about cooking.

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He gives me space & freedom

Every relationship requires some sort of adjustments and some compromises. At the bottom of our heart, we all wish to have the perfect partner forever. But as they say, “No-one is perfect” and the perfect partners are found only in movies.

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A poem from my heart to all the couples:- Someday I will be gone forever You may or may not remember I am bit short tempered I am not fair in color But someday all would be gone I must have done few good deeds I always wished to be hard working I always had a …

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7 tips to make marriages work

If there was a secret formula or a rule book on how to make a marriage work, there would have been far happier homes than now. The truth is there is no general formula that can be applied to all. However, there are some basics that can make any relationship healthy and long lasting. We …

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Turning Thirty

A phase of loneliness, a thinning list of single men to know, Time always stands still for a woman of thirty Turning thirty is the new turning twenty…? Being with teenagers seems to be too kiddy, And being with elders seems too old to be your life Ah! Good old! Am I turning thirty? Wonders …

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Single Woman and Still Happy

[mnky_ads id=”1737″] I read a novel by Anita Nair – Ladies Coupe; which is all about a single question – Can a woman stay single and be happy, or does a woman need a man to feel complete? It is an interesting novel, the story of a woman’s search for strength and independence, Ladies Coupe …

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