Nidhi Sodha

Nidhi Sodha is an engineering and management graduate and was an IT professional for three years. She’s on a career break right now to look after her daughters aged three and one. Writing has always been her passion and she’s been pursuing it enthusiastically for a year now through blogging.

मुझे अपने कजिन से प्यार हो गया

जैसे कि निधि सोढा ने बताया ( बदला हुआ नाम) पापा मुझे दूसरे शहर भेजने के बारे में बेहद चिंतित थे। मैं छुट्टियों में माँ के साथ नानी के घर जाने के अलावा उनसे कभी दूर नहीं हुई थी। मुझे उनसे उम्मीद नही थी कि वे मुझे एमबीए करने के लिए मुम्बई जाने देंगे। मैंने …

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The Late Night Affair

The girls were finally asleep. I had been trying to steal out some time before hubby arrived. Of course I had to do it before he was back from office. The long wait for him to return home, day after day, everday was a torment I refused to suffer any longer. He was the only …

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feel love

I fell in love with my cousin

As told to Nidhi Sodha (Names changed to protect identities) Papa was extremely anxious about letting me go to another city. I’d never been away from him except vacations at Nani’s place with Ma. I least expected him to allow me to go to Mumbai for an MBA. But I guess he’d noticed that I …

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