Pranjal Baruah

Poster Girl

The black and white poster on the wall opposite my bed- with ‘a girl and a boy in an intimate gesture and a slogan in RED saying-I don’t drink, I don’t do drugs, I protect myself from HIV Aids’ were like a mockery to my present state. Even though I don’t do drugs or paid …

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I have a new friend

[mnky_ads id=”1737″] As I saw people around me hurrying fast I felt strangely calm. The afternoon which had turned cold and strangely dark made me feel fine. People started to run as big fat drops of rain hit the warm soil. Everyone wondered, how the sun which was shinning bright a few minutes back was …

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Fast Forward

My liver may be fucked but my heart is not. It’s been long that I had my first gray hair and thought that I had earned the right to be wrong. Age, funny thing. It brings the joys of being grown up and becoming ​the ​so called experienced. But I doubt about the things that …

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Sunrise dreams

The sunset orange jump suit was looking fabulous on her. She was fond of sunsets. She liked to spend them by the river. She loved seeing the homecoming boats and the passing orange waves. I know the colours say a lot. And the relaxing ambiance it creates, like all the worries are dissolving in the …

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