Preeti Talwar

Preeti has a doctorate in zoological sciences, is an avid reader, writer and proofreader, and wields both the pen and the ladle with élan.


मैंने प्यार के लिए शादी नहीं की, लेकिन शादी में मैंने प्यार पा लिया

‘‘हमारी शादी को 25 साल हो चुके हैं। एक मील का पत्थर जो कभी एक दूर का सपना था … मैंने हमेशा सफेद घोड़े पर सवार एक लंबे, सुंदर शूरवीर का सपना देखा था जो मुझे लहराते हुए उठा लेगा। लेकिन सपने हमेशा वास्तविकता में नहीं बदलते और हमारा मेल एक वैवाहिक कॉलम के माध्यम …

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happy couple

#ContestAlert-My Rock Of Gibralter

The minute the priest pronounced us man and wife in front of the sacred fire,and we were united in holy matrimony.But it is cliched to say “we become two bodies one soul”.We come from diverse cultures,backgrounds and different upbringing,so we are poles apart in our behaviour and thinking.As Paulo Coehlo has said”Love is a trap,when …

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Live life with a little spice

As they say , “the way  to a man’s heart is via the stomach.” So true, the day we were engaged ,my fiance  the typical Punjabi guy declared he loved eating well cooked, home food. Now I was on tenterhooks as academics had left me no time to polish my culinary skills. I was still …

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swiss alps

The Swiss Alps

Fed on a diet of Victoria Holt,Georgete Heyer,Louisa.M.Alcott,i had always dreamt of a whirlwind romance,with a tall,handsome,hunk,a wonderful wedding and a honeymoon in the Swiss Alps.I conjured up images of myself as a victorian maiden,with my beau,enjoying the beauty of the mountains. The second heaven on earth,Switzerland was my dream destination for a honey moon.The …

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hearts in knots & crosses

We are chalk and cheese

We may be like chalk and cheese,but i can  say with ease ,there are things which i wouldn’t like to change,his macho image,having a rough exterior but a kind interior. His tall,handsome look,which turns me on,though there is no PDA in our relation but his warm hug in the morning,a kind word,i can’t do without. …

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hugging couple

Spat & pat

Life is to be enjoyed kingsize and my golden rules for a happy married life is have a spat off and on but don’t harbour bad feelings.Just get it off your chest,hug pat and forget.Let bygones be bygones,make up and move on.. Preeti Talwar,

Eccentric In-Laws

Neha beamed with joy,at last today her dream had come true,she had got married to her college sweetheart Nitin.Both famlies had opposed the marriage,they belonged to different castes but true love had won over this opposition.Neha knew that now life would be a bed of roses as they had crossed the biggest hurdle and Nitin …

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