Ranjana Kamo

By profession a banker, I remain a writer at heart. I like to write about life and thought provoking subjects, deriving my inspiration from real life and observation of human behaviour. Having lived with my motto - \'when the world shakes you up, stay grounded and when the world tries to ground you, shake the world up\', I have walked through some decades in this world till now. My earlier years of articleship, while I was pursuing CA, and then the profile of my various jobs gave me ample opportunities to meet people from various walks of life. These experiences gave me the time to observe a multitude of behavioural patterns that have further given birth to the characters of my novels.The contact with the variety of personalities, that I was fortunate to come across in my life, has assisted me to grow as an individual, learning the \'tight rope walk\' and the \'smooth sailing\' alike, as and when life threw challenges at me.I started writing very early in life but the earliest written record of my poems is from age 6. I have published seven books till now, a book of poems and six novels, three more are work in progress.

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