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Raul Sodat Najwa is a blogger, traveller and lover. He’s fond of reading books and music. He likes to meet interesting people and make new friends. Philosophy: High on Life

Airport lounge


Serendipity is an interesting event; you don’t know when it will happen and it is difficult to analyse why it is happening. Serendipity is indeed beautiful than a dream which cannot be crafted. I believe in chaos theory, Oh Yea! I need to describe it for you. So according to chaos theory random events emerge …

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Couple kissing

CRUSH swag

Don’t take the title of this post seriously. But yes it has connection with following words. Crush is for boys and mature relation (in which you take time to like someone after establishing some kind of understanding) for men. This is an absurd theory invented by me. I had graduated from college seven years ago …

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Brain Block

[mnky_ads id=”1737″] When your heart is crushed, your mind stops functioning in the proper way. The heart starts dominating it, which leads to inaccurate judgement. The same thing is happening with me at present. The judgement is not precise, the mind keeps thinking about her. When I call her, then I have many things to …

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The Unavoidable Wish

Since my last meeting with her, I was in a dilemma to meet her again or not. Whenever, I close my eyes, I day dream her face, the smile and the lips. Every single detail of her face, every single word of her sentences, all were stored in the hard disk of my brain. I …

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