Shashank Maurya

Shashank Maurya is a microbiology researcher who enjoys writing. He has an innate ability to observe what others miss.

Learn to fly

A Tribute

Among all those theories about the way to live life, ‘practical outlook’ forms the core. I am someone who have explored the extremes of practical mindset. When I was being practical outside the ICU, where my father was undergoing a major brain operation, people thought that I am a drug addict. The lack of emotion …

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Moments in life

Moments breed success

Worldwide, the average life expectancy is 71 years. I believe that is enough for someone who wishes to make waves on this planet. If this is the case, why don’t we have more Einsteins, Faradays, Mother Teresa etc? I am yet to make waves, but I am someone who has always believed that I have …

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Online chatting

My omegle encounters

If you don’t already know Omegle, let me introduce it. It is a website which allows user to chat with random strangers without registering. In today’s busy world, it is an easy way to find someone to talk to. Launched in 2009, it has garnered huge audience all around the world. If that was not …

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Emotional Attachment roots

The chains of humanity

Being humans, we have the special power to thing. That power makes us ecstatic, and then it turn into a nemesis and we don’t get time to acclimatize. I have always believed in logical thinking, and this post won’t be without its logic. All my readers out there, sit down with a sheet of paper …

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