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\"If the world was a writing pad, I would have left scribbling notes every time I meet people and visit places!\" A firm believer in second chances, Sumona Chetia is a dreamer with open eyes and an ardent lover of prose & poetry.

Beautiful woman with dark hair

अब वह पहले की तरह अपना प्यार व्यक्त नहीं करता, फिर भी मैं उससे शादी कर रही हूँ

कौशिक और मैंने एक ही स्कूल में पढ़ाई की। वह बौद्धिक रूप से स्मार्ट व्यक्ति मुझसे एक वर्ष सीनियर था। मैं सांस्कृतिक रूप से सक्रिय लड़की थी और हम हमारे स्कूल की गायक मंडली के सदस्य थे। मुझे याद है कि मैंने उसके बारे में एकमात्र बार तब बात की थी जब वह हमारे राज्य …

अब वह पहले की तरह अपना प्यार व्यक्त नहीं करता, फिर भी मैं उससे शादी कर रही हूँ Read More »

Lazy couples

Mister and Miss Congeniality

Image Credit “I am getting very less sleep since last few nights,” I complained. Being the darling that he is, my fiance immediately googled for homemade remedies to cure my sleeplessness. “Drink warm milk mixed with turmeric before going to bed every night,” he told me over the phone. “Nope, drinking milk at night makes …

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half face of woman

The bitch factor

I attained puberty at a very early age. From the little knowledge that I gathered about being an adolescent, I understood that my body was slowly undergoing visible changes. However, I didn’t care about any of those changes. All I wanted was a good patch of eyebrows. I hated my eyebrows. Maa didn’t allow threading …

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The good man who is underrated

As I was getting ready to pen down this piece, I referred to the digital ‘know-it-all’ in search of a beautiful quote to ornament the introduction part. My search read as something like this, “Men have feelings too!” To my disbelief, my search results promptly referred me to women empowerment quotes. No sign of good …

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Lord Ram, Lakshman & SIta

A modern tale of Sita-Lakshmana

Image credit (The title of this blog is not intended to hurt any religious sentiments or mislead people. It is just an humble effort to depict my relationship with my brother-in-law). Growing up, I have witnessed the respectful relationship between my mother and my uncle (dad’s younger brother). Both of them shared a formal dewar-bhabhi …

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girl thinking

Memoir of a bereaved sister

“I mean, if a wife loses a husband she becomes a widow, but if a parent loses its child there is no special label for it. You are still a mother or father. Even if you still no longer have a child. Sometimes I wonder, if I’m still technically a sister now when my brothers …

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sad girl with teddy

Scarred survivor

A small girl. Boisterous yet so meek. Sitting on a bus seat clinging to her Maa, she is scratching the mosquito bite marks from last night. Maa asks her to stop it but she won’t listen. She suddenly remembers what someone in the school told her the other day, “Kids who dislike eating apple are …

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An epistle for my daughter

Dear Fiona, My pretty petite baby! You are five year old today. You have finally stepped into an age of pure innocence and sweet nothings. You will be making memories to cherish for years to come. You will be learning amazing new things. A whole new world is waiting for you! At this moment, as …

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