Sumona Chetia

\"If the world was a writing pad, I would have left scribbling notes every time I meet people and visit places!\" A firm believer in second chances, Sumona Chetia is a dreamer with open eyes and an ardent lover of prose & poetry.


Pork fantasy

 Flavorful, juicy, aromatic tender pork is every Assamese’s favorite. Slow cooked pork chops, caramelized baby back ribs, creamy pulled pork, deep fried pork tenderloin….all these savory and mouth watering renditions of this particular culinary meat is loved by northeastern Indians. Even most of my north Indian friends who have had a taste of this meat …

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woman talking on phone

Euphoria of a fictitious meet

       I EXIST IN TWO PLACES, HERE AND WHERE YOU ARE– Margaret Atwood Long distance relationships are unimaginably difficult. On top of that, if you are an engaged couple staying apart then all hell breaks loose from time to time. My fiance and I have managed to spend years after years apart from …

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walking alone

Melancholy of a lover

I wonder if he ever takes a trip down the memory lane like I do. Our bitter sweet memories! I wonder if he ever reflects on our relationship like I do. Our fading connection! Is it the length of seperation or is it the constraint of time? What is it that is slithering into our …

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taj mahal

Wah! Taj

Image credit    The Taj Mahal rises above the banks of river like a solitary tear suspended on the cheek of time- Rabindranath Tagore No matter how cliche it may sound, but almost every Indian love story has seen the daylight of this magnificent love tomb. I was no exception. A week after our engagement …

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