Tuli Banerjee

Tuli Banerjee is a feature writer and an ex-journalist. She loves reading and crafting content about love and relationships. Tuli earned a gold medal for her Masters in English Literature from the Gujarat University. She is a lover of world cultures, reptiles, food, oceans and wild spaces.

Do men who cook make the best lovers?

Bonobology’s community forum finds Komal probing whether enjoying the challenge of cooking up the perfect dish enables a man to perfect his relationship skills. Bonobology readers share their views…

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8 Top Priorities In Marriage

Communication, Trust and Mutual Understanding top the list of priorities in a long-term relationship for Bonobology contributors

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Life of a divorced woman in India

How Is The Life Of A Divorced Woman In India?

Let’s take a look at what divorced women in India go through, and how they navigate the damaging notions attached to a divorcee that Indian society needs to shake off collectively.

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