Vaishali Chandorkar-Chitale

Vaishali Chandorkar-Chitale was trained as a journalist and worked for many years as a teacher. She now lives in Mumbai.

Be true

Be true to yourself

I cannot understand people who show one face to the world outside and and are entirely different when  alone.Why do they do that and what do they achieve by being so ? And sometimes I wonder what stress they must be going through to just keep up the facade of being what they are not …

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Dealing with a setback

We are all humans and life is all about ups and downs. Nobody is excluded from this. We all suffer some setbacks sometime in our lives and it is the way we wade through it that characterizes us ….how we emerge out of it and take the reins of our life in our hands once …

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Cascading through life

Life happened to me rather than the opposite …I have just wandered through what ever turns life took for me and discovered aspects of myself which would have never been explored but for the turn of events and destiny  deciding for me . This laid back attitude has some advantages though…we discover ourselves through the …

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