Vandana Nigam

Vandana Nigam is a poet at heart and learner for life. Creative writing is her passion and profession both. She started her career in personnel management with mobile phone companies which she left, for it couldn’t match the joys of rearing her baby girl, Pankhuri who turns 18 this summer. She lives with her husband Sanjay and daughter in Pune. A sincere seeker of Bhagwad Gita, she now wants to devote her life in pursuit of soul realisation.

Your choice or mine.. ?

I intend to use this space in contradicting the old adage ” Do unto others what you want others to do unto you”… In my opinion after trying to balance relationships for nearly four decades i find something amiss here. That rule has either left the other person perplexed about my behaviour towards them or …

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love story

A love story that never was

It was the summer of 1965. A marriage back then was not a pompous affair but merely a ritual to bring home a girl and most often for the assistance and convenience of one’s parents. Theirs was NO different. Both my parents tied the knot without resistance, without enthusiasm. For Dad it was an order …

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