Live-in and Open

Conversations with a polyamorist

Jairaj Singh is given an insight into a world, where a couple is committed to each other as well as to their individual romantic encounters with other people

About a month ago, a friend of my girlfriend’s was visiting from Mumbai and decided to spend a few days at her place. Among our friends – some of whom who had met her before – there was a considerable anticipation about her stay. It was only once she arrived in Delhi, and when I got talking to her, that I realised, what the fuss was about.

Mimi is a tall, dusky, attractive girl in her mid-thirties. She’s vivacious and spirited and loves to engage in deep, meaningful conversations. From our first encounter, I gathered, she’s been a model and a television actress. She loves to read, is into fitness, and is also toying with the idea of being a writer. Mimi was in town to attend a literary festival and hobnob with people from the media for a project she’s working on.

We regroup later that evening at a club in the heart of the city to celebrate a friend’s birthday. After a few rounds of drinks, while our friends are beginning to veer towards the dance floor, Mimi tells me that she’s been married for more than seven years, but she’s in a polyamorous relationship.

I notice that Mimi has a strong and imposing air about her, which may have less to do with her physical frame. She has an innate ability to seem at ease when she’s the centre of attention. She can also hold multiple conversations with her expressive eyes.

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