Cooking some love together

grilling meat

“The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.”

(Ignore and start reading from below:@)

You thought that such a sizzling blog prompt could begin with something so simple? Nahhhh! Not my style.

I’m a fiery lady and fiery cook with a temperament to match.

My hubby is an exact opposite. When such opposites pair up, food preference is something bound to be oceans apart.

Then again, we have one common love and that’s good ol’ (Punjabi) love for kukkad. Read–chirpy chicken. And yes, my desire to grill some chicken with “the husband character” reigns at the top!

Having an open barbecue night with thick slabs of chicken patties on the barbecue rack is one dream I have been harbouring for long. Of course, with hubby as my sous-chef.

A starry night would be the perfect ambience. As the cheese would melt on the chicken sitting atop searing coal, we’d recall the love that melts our egos–each time we fight.

The barbecue sauce would be our “always there for you” elixir.

The heated grill would remind us of all our shortcomings that never mattered.

The accompanying strawberry mocktail would point to our intoxication for each other. (We are teetotallers thus; find solace in berries not beer).

Oh, I wish for such a day with hubby at my beck and call. After all, the chef is always right when the grill burns bright.

Barbecue cooking is liberating and empowering at the same time.

Just like our love, tagged as a “relationship” for eleven years, before we took the pheras! For just one night, I’d like to forget family, folks and freaking everything.

For one night, I’d like to barbecue under the open sky with him and seal our love with some sizzle. Just one barbecue night.

I always adored how Jamie Oliver has a way with barbecues and how his wife, Juliette ‘Jools’ Norton accompanies him on BBQs shoots in their backyard. They look like an awesome couple–one that fights, loves and finally, cooks together amid pecks galore. Much like us. Much like ‘me and him!’ Our BBQ night would be my perfect setting to cook some more love together.  

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